What are the Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Litter Box?


With growing market of self cleaning litter boxes, it’s oblivous why cat owners love them. So what are the main benefits of self cleaning litter box? Introducing the PetSnowy self-cleaning litter box, a revolutionary product that redefines the way you care for your feline friend (and your sanity). Imagine this: you come home, greeted by … Read more

Cat Care Myths


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How to Clean a Litter Box In An Apartment


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Understanding Your Cat


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Do Cats Masturbate


Masturbation and humping are something usually attributed to canines. Most people don’t know do cats masturbate and whether this is a normal process or not. Sometimes, you might catch your male cat unmistakably moving his hips, rubbing himself on some object. Oftentimes, this object can even be your lap. While some people get creeped out … Read more

Will Cats Share A Litter Box?


Felines are territorial creatures that aren’t fond of sharing things. The same goes for their potty place. If you have several pets, will cats share a litter box or do you have to have more than one? Most cats can learn to share food bowls and toys. They can play together and drink together. Some … Read more

Should I Get a Water Fountain for My Cat?


Cats require to drink enough water to stay healthy, especially if they eat dry food. Even if your cat eats wet food, drinking more water can benefit them. Contrary, most cats are not good drinkers because they have a low thirst drive.  You can encourage your cat to drink more water by buying a water … Read more

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?


If you are a cat owner, you have probably noticed that your cat does a lot of weird things. Munching on grass is one of those cat activities that weirds out feline owners the most. Grass isn’t a common part of your pet’s diet. In fact, some cats will vomit right after consuming it. So … Read more

How Do Indoor Cats Get Colds and How to Take Care of Them?


Just like humans, pets can get sick when the weather turns bad. Still, one question worries many: How do indoor cats get colds? Is it even possible for your furry felines that stay inside to get sick? We have all the answers. Can Cats Get Colds? Most people don’t know how do indoor cats get … Read more

When Cats Purr What Does it Mean?


When cats purr what does it mean? Could this behavior be associated with calmness and relaxation only? And what if that isn’t the case? This question is completely justified since there’s always more than one reason for any animal behavior, cat’s purr included. The main cause of this beautiful sound is indeed happiness and peace … Read more