Should I Get a Water Fountain for My Cat?

Cats require to drink enough water to stay healthy, especially if they eat dry food. Even if your cat eats wet food, drinking more water can benefit them. Contrary, most cats are not good drinkers because they have a low thirst drive.  You can encourage your cat to drink more water by buying a water fountain.

While many cat owners use traditional water bowls, this discourages their furry friends to drink enough water. First, cats don’t like stagnant water. They love running water because it looks fresh to them. Water bowls that are too low also make it hard for older cats to drink water comfortably.

Water fountains eliminate all these issues, and they encourage your cat to drink water. There are different types of water fountains you can buy like ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic. I will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of cat water fountains to help you determine if you should get one for your cat.

Advantages of Cat Water Fountains


If you are wondering whether you should buy a water fountain for your cat, it is good to know the benefits that come with these fountains. One of the main benefits of cat water fountains is holding enough water to keep your cat hydrated throughout the day. Other benefits include:

  1. Provides fresh water

Cats love running water, and this is why you find them drinking running water from the tap. Water fountains provide fresh water because some of them only release water when the cat needs to drink. This ensures the water stays clean and fresh compared to the water in a bowl that is prone to particles, dirt, and pet hair.

  1. Remove toxins

Some water fountains for cats have filters that remove toxins from water. This ensures your cat has safe drinking water. If your cat water fountain has a filter, be sure when to replace the filter and the amount of money you need for filter replacement.

  1. Enough hydration

Cats can be dehydrated without you knowing, and this results in many health issues. Water fountains boost your cat’s hydration by providing clean and fresh water when they need it. When they are well-hydrated, absorption of nutrients in the body improves. Water fountains also encourage even picky cats to take in more water.

  1. Keep water cool

One of the main disadvantages of water bowls is they keep the water warm, especially if there is direct sunlight. Warm water is prone to bacteria growth compared to cool water. Water fountains maintain the water cool all day long, and cats also enjoy drinking cool water.

Disadvantages of Cat Water Fountains

It is good to consider both sides of the coin to help you make an informed decision. While cat water fountains provide many benefits, they also have some drawbacks listed below.

  • Hard to clean

Water fountains require thorough cleaning to prevent the buildup of bacteria and grime.  Some have parts that are complex to remove which makes cleaning hard. Plastic water fountains also give room for bacteria growth so they require more maintenance and filter changes to keep them clean.

  • Messes

Some cats might choose to play with the water from the fountain instead of drinking, and this creates messes. This means you need to spend time cleaning the mess. However, you can place a mat on the floor to ease cleaning.

  • Electrical hazard

Electrical water fountains can be hazardous. Always consider models with automatic shutoff feature in case of product malfunction or overheating.

How to Choose Water Fountain for Cats

Before you decide which water fountain is suitable for your cat, there are some crucial factors you should consider. It is good to consider the size of the fountain and ensure it can fit well in an accessible area to allow cats to drink water. So, you don’t need to buy a larger water fountain that takes up unnecessary space. Other considerations include:

  • Filters
  • Noise
  • Price
  • Appearance
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Material

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Verdict – Should you get a water fountain or not?

Water fountains have become popular among many pet owners because they encourage cats to drink water for healthy body functioning. Encouraging your cat to drink more water is good for their kidney health and it keeps their coat healthy.

If you weigh the benefits and the drawbacks of water fountains, it will be easier for you to determine whether you should get one for your cat or not. The benefits of water fountains outweigh the cons. If you can live with the cons, buying a water fountain for your cat can be great.

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