Cat Care Myths


Are you familiar with strange cat care myths? Cats have captured our hearts and fascinated us for centuries. But along with their enigmatic charm, cats have also become the subject of many myths and misconceptions. As cat owners, animal lovers, and responsible caretakers, we must separate fact from fiction to provide our feline friends with … Read more

Should I Get a Water Fountain for My Cat?


Cats require to drink enough water to stay healthy, especially if they eat dry food. Even if your cat eats wet food, drinking more water can benefit them. Contrary, most cats are not good drinkers because they have a low thirst drive.  You can encourage your cat to drink more water by buying a water … Read more

How Do Indoor Cats Get Colds and How to Take Care of Them?


Just like humans, pets can get sick when the weather turns bad. Still, one question worries many: How do indoor cats get colds? Is it even possible for your furry felines that stay inside to get sick? We have all the answers. Can Cats Get Colds? Most people don’t know how do indoor cats get … Read more

How Often To Bathe A Cat?


Videos of cute cats getting a bath are all over the internet. However, many owners don’t really understand how often to bathe a cat. They think this is something that needs to be done regularly. While a cat’s skin and coat health is important, is this something that is achieved by bathing? Or are there … Read more