When Cats Purr What Does it Mean?


When cats purr what does it mean? Could this behavior be associated with calmness and relaxation only? And what if that isn’t the case? This question is completely justified since there’s always more than one reason for any animal behavior, cat’s purr included. The main cause of this beautiful sound is indeed happiness and peace … Read more

Why do Cats Hiss?


As soon as you start wondering why do cats hiss, you probably start thinking about their way of communication in general. Hissing, purring, and meowing are just common cat behaviors. Still, if you’re wondering if are those the ways that your cat is expressing its feelings, the answer is positive.  That’s why it can be very … Read more

Cats Pooping Outside of the Litter Box


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Will Cats Scratch Leather Furniture & How to Save It?


If you’re a cat parent who also loves your furniture, this is likely a common cause of stress. Cats are scratchers, it’s in their instincts. If you plan on purchasing a new couch, it’s important to know will cats scratch leather furniture. Truth is, cats will scratch almost anything. Leather or not, they’ll put their … Read more

Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals In The USA?


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Do Male Cats Eat Kittens?


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Why Are Orange Tabby Cats so Affectionate?


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