Do Cats Masturbate


Masturbation and humping are something usually attributed to canines. Most people don’t know do cats masturbate and whether this is a normal process or not. Sometimes, you might catch your male cat unmistakably moving his hips, rubbing himself on some object. Oftentimes, this object can even be your lap. While some people get creeped out … Read more

Will Cats Share A Litter Box?


Felines are territorial creatures that aren’t fond of sharing things. The same goes for their potty place. If you have several pets, will cats share a litter box or do you have to have more than one? Most cats can learn to share food bowls and toys. They can play together and drink together. Some … Read more

When Cats Purr What Does it Mean?


When cats purr what does it mean? Could this behavior be associated with calmness and relaxation only? And what if that isn’t the case? This question is completely justified since there’s always more than one reason for any animal behavior, cat’s purr included. The main cause of this beautiful sound is indeed happiness and peace … Read more

Why do Cats Hiss?


As soon as you start wondering why do cats hiss, you probably start thinking about their way of communication in general. Hissing, purring, and meowing are just common cat behaviors. Still, if you’re wondering if are those the ways that your cat is expressing its feelings, the answer is positive.  That’s why it can be very … Read more

Why Are Orange Tabby Cats so Affectionate?


Everybody knows about Garfield! This grumpy, food-loving, orange tabby won the hearts of kids and adults worldwide. But did you know that these cats are not at all like this bossy overweight kitty cat? Why are orange tabby cats so affectionate? Is this a myth, or is their personality truly unique among felines? From their … Read more