Pawsome Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas For Moms Of Fur Babies


Pawsome Mother’s Day. It’s almost that time again when we shower our moms with love and appreciation for all that they do. But let’s not forget the other mothers out there – the ones who dedicate their lives to taking care of fur babies! Yes, we’re talking about pet moms, and they deserve just as … Read more

5 Reasons For Sleep With Your Dog 


Finding reasons to sleep with your dog is not a hard task – they are fluffy, cozy, and ridiculously cuddly. While some owners don’t even let their dog lay on the couch, other dog owners share everything with their dog, including their bedtime. It’s natural to wonder how to make proper boundaries with your pet, … Read more

Is It Cruel To Feed a Dog Once a Day?


So, is it cruel to feed a dog once a day? What do the vets say? Dog feeding routine is one of the biggest “headaches” for every dog owner. What dog food should we choose? What schedule should we follow? How often should we feed them in a day? While some owners think feeding their furry … Read more

Dog Bite Statistics in 2022 According to Breed


It could be a little tough to swallow that man’s best friend could pose a threat to someone you care about. Nevertheless, looking into dog bite statistics for the last few years paints a clear picture. A dog bite could be anything from a playful pinch to an aggressive unexpected attack that could lead to … Read more

Are Lawn Mushrooms Poisonous for Dogs?


You may be wondering – Are Lawn Mushrooms Poisonous for Dogs?  In order to keep the yard beautiful, there is also quite a bit of maintenance needed on your part. Preferably, you also want your yard to be safe enough for your dog to run around. Now, there can be plenty of possible dangers lurking … Read more

Can a Labrador be a Guard Dog?


Can a labrador be a guard dog? Many people select Labradors as pets for various reasons. They are loyal and loving dogs. All that Labs does is ensure everything it does is right for you. Ideally, it will do what you say because he loves you. Though this character may seem normal to you, it’s … Read more

Can Corgis Swim?


Corgis are one of the world’s favorite dog breeds. Their short-legged body and huge ears make easily them stand out from other breeds. With such a stature, one can’t help but wonder can corgis swim, or will they have issues in the water. Naturally, almost all dog breeds can swim. This activity is simply more … Read more

Do Shock Collars Hurt Dogs?


Do shock collars hurt dogs? Unfortunately, they do, shock collars hurt dogs physically and psychologically. They are unpleasant, painful, and frightening, and make them discomfort. In some countries, shock collars are banned as a negative impact on the welfare of dogs. Any changing natural behavior is already stressful for the dogs, and shock collars just … Read more

Can Dogs and Reptiles Live Together?


Can Dogs and Reptiles Live Together many will ask? If you are a dog owner eager to welcome a scaly friend for your furry companion, be sure that with patience and a few helpful tricks this unlikely duo has great potential to be friends. Animal best friends are the most wholesome things ever. However, reptiles … Read more