Best Pets For Dogs

Do you know what are the best pets for dogs companion?

Being an Animal Lover is full of fun and adventure. You never get enough of them!

I had dogs at home but I could not stop myself from getting more pets. If you are also someone who is thinking of bringing more pets home alongside your dog then you are at the right place. 

Animals like, Rabbits, Cats, Guinea pigs, Birds, Leopard Geckos, Hamsters, Chickens, and ferrets live really well with dogs. Once you introduce them, they are going to love each other’s company. And it’s going to be so much fun! 

Best Pets For Dogs


  1. Rabbits 

Rabbits are cute, small, furry, and playful animals. They do not hesitate in making new friends and socializing. They are a good choice if you have a dog at home. Once you make contact between these two, they can get along peacefully. 

They like to play around with each other and enjoy the company. However, if you have a Large-sized dog, it might scare and intimidate the rabbit. Your supervision will be necessary in such a scenario. [1]

  1. Cats

Cats are good companions for dogs. They both have an intriguing personality. This helps them get along quickly. Cats are not known for socializing, however, if you keep them with a dog, they grow differently.

Keep your cat away from dog food, chocolates, onions, garlic, etc. It might make your cat sick. However, there are many types of human food that you can give to your cat. 

  1. Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs are very entertaining and gentle. They love socializing and are delightful.  Guinea Pigs and Dogs are known to become cuddly partners. 

Once you establish contact between them, they are going to be the cutest pair around your house. Children love to play with both these pets. If you have little children at your home then this is the best pair of pets that can coexist in harmony. 

  1. Hamsters

Hamsters are like a ball of fur. They are fun and playful animals. They can coexist with your dog with fun and peace. Although you need to be there and keep an eye on them. 

Try to maintain a safe distance between them. You will have to teach your dog how to respect your hammie and protect it from any harm. Hamsters are easy to care for, so you won’t be spending all the time on them.

Note: Big dogs have the potential to harm or even kill a hamster due to their size and predatory instincts. Even if a dog doesn’t have a strong prey drive, their size and enthusiasm can unintentionally cause harm to a hamster.

It is crucial to never leave a hamster and a dog unsupervised together, especially if the dog has not been trained to coexist peacefully with small animals. Even if your dog is generally gentle, it’s important to remember that accidents can happen and instincts can kick in unexpectedly. [2]

  1. Leopard Geckos

Reptiles like geckos would also be great pets to have with your dog!  One of the best choices would be to have a Leopard Gecko. These  are very calm, easy – going and docile pets. And the same goes with dogs.

They have a friendly nature, and once you introduce them to one another, they are going to enjoy the companionship. 

Dogs are trainable animals, you can simply calm them down and ask to be friendly. Start off slow in the beginning and then take the right steps in leaving them together.

However, in the beginning, you should always supervise their play dates. When it all goes well, be ready for some photo opportunities in the house! 

  1. Chicken

From the earlier times, dogs have been helping in protecting the farms. Due to which, they have a natural instinct of cohabiting together with the farm animals and birds like Chickens. 

Chickens are good pets. Keep them with you since they are a chick so that you get a lot of time with your dog and chicken together. You’ll have a lot of cute little moments with these two together. They can play together and would not harm each other. 

  1. Ferrets

Ferrets are full of fun just like dogs. Both these pets are highly energetic. You’ll have a lot of adventures if you keep them together at home. You need to make an introduction to both of them and try to establish a connection properly. Once they get along, they are going to have too much fun.

Ferrets are highly energetic pets, sometimes they even jump around the house a lot, which might make the dog feel annoyed. You need to intervene in such situations and calm down everyone.  

  1. Birds

Birds can also make great companions for your dog. They are friendly and chirpy. They will bring a positive energy and fun in your home. 

Dogs and birds can get along peacefully. However, you need to keep an eye and distance between the two. 

Make sure you have a secure cage for your birds. Keep the dog out of reach. Always supervise any interaction between the two pets. 

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There are many animals that can coexist with dogs peacefully. You need not to worry about it anymore. Even if you have a dog, you can always choose to keep another pet.

Dogs are fun and friendly animals.

Once they socialize with other species of animals, you are free then! Having little pets moving around the house is just like a sweet dream for pet lovers.

You’ll never feel alone. It is good for engaging your children too. While growing up they will have a sweet companionship with animals.