Dog Bite Statistics in 2022 According to Breed

It could be a little tough to swallow that man’s best friend could pose a threat to someone you care about. Nevertheless, looking into dog bite statistics for the last few years paints a clear picture.

A dog bite could be anything from a playful pinch to an aggressive unexpected attack that could lead to hospitalization or death. Small children and the elderly are more prone to the danger of dog bites.

Although dog bite injuries are far from being a significant cause of death or hospitalization in the US. They still are a serious matter that affects people both physically and psychologically.

According to Koch & Brim, experts in dog bite injury cases, every dog attack incident needs to be handled carefully, and with long-term effects in mind.

My goal in sharing these statistics is to face the issue and to share the knowledge on what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Ultimately, being informed and prepared will help prevent many of those incidents in the first place.

General Dog Bite Statistics

  • The total number of dogs in the world is over 900 million, and 10% of them are in the USA.
  • In the US, 4.7 million dog bites are recorded every single year.
  • More males are bitten by dogs than females.
  • 81% of dog bites cause little or no injury and do not require medical attention.
  • Over 5,700 U.S. Postal Service workers were bit by dogs in 2018.
  • Worldwide, more than 60,000 people die yearly from rabies caused by a dog bite.
  • Dog bite-related fatalities involved over 30 breeds and types of dogs.

Pit Bull Bite Statistics


Pit Bulls have had a bad reputation for biting humans for a while now but the reason isn’t the breed alone. According to PETA, Pit Bull dogs are the most abused dog breed in the world.

Because of the brutality of dog fighting and the fact that Pit Bulls are sought-after by dog fighting rings, they are often mutilated, starved, and injected with steroids to heighten their brutality.

Pit Bulls are desired more than other breeds for their strength and aggression which comes in handy for guarding, attacking, and illegal dog fighting rings.

Additionally, because of the way Pit Bulls’ jaws work, they are famous for having one of the strongest bites of any animal.

A Pit Bull’s jaws fully lock in after biting something or someone, making their bite extremely deadly.

Deaths: 284 [2005 – 2017]

Rottweiler Bite Statistics


Rottweilers are a very old breed of dogs. They are thought to be descendants of ancient Roman dogs. They grow to a rather large size and are one of the strongest dog breeds.

Mostly used as guard dogs or even service dogs, Rottweilers are generally loyal and protective of their human owners and friends.

However, as history shows, they also have a tendency to become aggressive and attack humans regardless of whether there was any clear danger.

That’s why the Rottweiler is number two on the list of most dangerous dogs to humans after the Pit Bull.

Deaths: 45 [2005 – 2017]

Siberian Husky Bite Statistics

Originally bred as working dogs in Siberia and similar northern climates, Siberian Huskies are one of the most sought-after dog breeds.

They are desired for their extreme intelligence and ability to work hard in challenging environments.

Due to the nature of their breed and the environments they thrive in, most attacks by Siberian Huskies are done by semi-wild dogs.

They tend to spend lots of time in deserted areas and are often not properly introduced to humans and socialized.

Huskies also tend to get bored easily and would only thrive in a household that provides sufficient training and exercise.

Deaths: 26 [2005 – 2017]

German Shepherd Bite Statistics


German Shepherd dogs were specifically bred to help herd livestock with origins going back to 1899. They are known to be strong, loyal, intelligent, and obedient.

These characteristics helped make the German Shepherd the standard breed for many types of work, including police and military roles, search and rescue, and disability assistance.

However, with such strength, accidents are bound to happen.

While those traits make them an excellent breed for work environments, this also makes them more likely to bite humans, as the numbers show.

Deaths: 15 [2005 – 2017]

How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Dog Bites?


It’s extremely tough to predict a dog’s behavior. Dogs live through many experiences that are positive and negative. Unfortunately, many dogs have gone through neglect or abuse in some way.

These are the types of dogs that normally exhibit aggressive behavior and end up biting people.

When dealing with dogs, I can’t stress the importance of exercising caution enough. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from dog bite attacks by following the following tips:

Be Wary of the Warning Signs: Most dog bite incidents happen because people don’t fully understand how to treat a dog that is feeling stressed or anxious.

If a dog is standing tensely with their tail stiff and straight up, if it’s growling, or if it’s raising the fur of its neck or back, you should be on high alert and exercise caution.

Don’t Disturb an Eating or Sleeping Dog: Canines don’t like to be disturbed while eating or sleeping generally.

If you see a dog in your way that’s eating or sleeping, the best course of action would be to leave it be. Most dogs are territorial with their food so even if you offer a dog some food, leave it alone to enjoy it.

Don’t Encourage Dogs to Attack: If you see a dog that seems threatening or overly aggressive, don’t make eye contact and try to stay calm.

Dogs attack when they are scared and startled, so don’t make any sudden moves and try to get some distance between you slowly. It’s always advised to contact a professional.

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Even though we can not imagine that our canine friends could attack someone, this can happen. Unfortunately, dogs’ bites can cause some serious health problems and even death.

Here are some dog breeds that are known for possible attacks: Pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies.

In order to keep yourself safe and avoid possible attacks, never disturb a sleeping dog, or a dog that eats, and follow the dog’s behavior.

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