Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

Rottweilers might be stubborn and time-consuming to raise and train, but that does not necessarily mean they are unsuitable for the family with kids. So, are rottweilers good with kids?

Dogs are great companions for our kids, and their bond often becomes unique and inseparable. Their relationship is pretty much symbiotic, as growing up together teaches both a lot.

Spending time with a dog from a young age helps your kid develop affection and respect towards animals, be gentle, and share their stuff with others. While on the other hand, dogs learn to socialize with kids, be gentle and protective of their young hoomans. [1]

But what about Rottweilers? Getting a Rottweiler is a huge decision for a family, especially when you have children, as they are not that easy breed. People recognize Rottweilers as aggressive dogs, and many popular stereotypes convince you not to get one. The truth is, yes,

Rottweiler’s Characteristics


First of all, let’s say a few words about the characteristics of this breed to make our judgment accurate.

The cute and lively Rottweiler puppy grows into a showy adult dog. These muscular dogs are 22 to 27 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh 80 to 135 pounds, with large heads, giant skeletons, and heavy bones. Their mid-length coats are shiny, low-maintenance, black, and rust-spotted on the face, chest, and legs.

The enormous physical features of the Rottweiler do give them the ability to strike deadly and dangerously. Their strong jaws and muscular bodies can do significant damage to their victims.

Hence, the myths about their dangers are usually due to their physical capabilities. However, with proper training and socialization, all possible forms of aggression can be avoided.

Physical strength does not necessarily make the breed dangerous. Sadly, the truth is that these dogs are still regularly subjected to aggressive dogfighting training, which apparently leads to changes in their behavior. [2]

Rottweiler Temperament

What about Rottweiler’s temperament? Despite their physical capabilities, Rottweilers are intelligent animals with balanced temperaments.

The Rottweiler temperament is good-natured. It is basically a quiet, confident, courageous dog. They respond calmly and expectantly to the influence of their surroundings.

However, the physical strength also makes rottweiler temperament fearless, which can become the cause of sudden attacks. Additionally, they can be proud and stubborn dogs, and inappropriate punishment might cause aggressive behavior.

Also, owners should remember that even though, generally, Rotties tend to be calm and intelligent, every dog is unique.

Many external or genetic factors can influence their temperament, so consulate with the breeder and learn about your dog’s specific characteristics in advance. [3]

Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?


Yes, they are. Besides their dangerous reputation, studies show Rottweilers are one of the safest breeds to have with kids. Rottweilers usually get along very well with them. They are friendly, protective, great playmates, and big enough not to get hurt by kids.

However, due to the size and energy of these dogs, they can accidentally knock over a child, so parental supervision is still required. Additionally, they may try to herd their children or stop rough play. [4]

Why Are Rottweilers Good For Kids?

There are several reasons which make Rottweilers so good partners for kids.

Huge Respect To The Family

First, while all dogs are family pets to some extent, the Rottweiler takes this to another level. They love their owners so much that they are prone to separation anxiety when left alone for long periods.

Their loyalty consists in loving their masters. When children are welcomed as part of the family, they show their loyalty to the children and become great partners. Essentially, with proper training, any aggression against a child is rare.

Eager To Learn And Work

The Rottweiler is a long-established breed that has served soldiers, butchers, police, and more. As such, this is an outgoing dog who loves to interact with people and stay occupied.

Therefore, they take the job to protect and play with your children responsibly. Also, unlike other breeds, the Rottweiler can handle rough play from children and cause no harm.

Being an eager learner with a high IQ is a huge asset for families with children. Excellent obedience training contributes to the mental stimulation of the Rottweiler and can also be an enjoyable experience for your child. Plus, you will be able to entertain your kids and your dog simultaneously. [5]

Rottweiler Behavior Problems You Should Concern

Despite Rottweiler’s intelligence, there are some “worst-case scenarios” which is better to consider before getting one home for kids.

First of all, Rottweilers are alfa dogs, willing to be in charge of the family. Rottweiler will observe your family relationships, how family members treat each other. If he notices the tiny humans be inferiors, he might consider himself dominant and cause severe behavior problems to tiny humans.

For instance, if your Rottweiler chews your kid’s favorite toy, and your baby gets mad and decides to punish the dog and tries to hit him, it might irritate this stubborn dog and lead to attacks. Of course, biting accidents are possible in any breed, but given Rottweilers’ physical abilities, the results might be more severe than with poodles, for example.

In addition, Rottweilers are born with a strong desire to protect their home and family, and this strong sense of protection can also be the cause of deadly attacks.

Besides that, kids are pure and naïve. During playtime, they get mad at each other, fight, bully or cry. If your Rottweiler is highly protective towards your toddler and sees someone else bullying his little owner, he will definitely react aggressively and attack the bully, causing severe injuries.

So, owners, keep an eye on your Rottie intensively and provide proper training to make a living with them safe and sound, especially if you have kids. [6]

Raising a rottweiler with constant affection, intense training, and positive reinforcement is the guarantee of a well-behaved rottweiler.

Buying A Rottweiler: Where Should You Search For A Rottweiler?

If you decide to take the responsibility and get a Rottweiler for the family, let’s discuss how and where you can choose and buy a Rottweiler. Keep cautious and choose your future furry best buddy carefully.

Rottie Rescue Organizations Or Shelter


First, you can search for Rottweiler Rescue organizations. Your local animal shelter will allow you to bring a puppy home on your first visit. Additionally, there is a high chance your puppy will be vaccinated for the first time and may even bespayed or neutered, which is already a huge relief both financially and physically.

In shelters or rescues, prices vary depending on where you live. You might even get one for free. A simple phone or internet search will reveal charges in your area. Rottweiler rescue groups usually have an application process to ensure the safety and welfare of the dog. So, if you truly wish to get a Rottweiler, do research, learn about the breed, and be sure you’ll manage to take care of him. [7]

Also, most likely, no organization can provide you with a detailed history of the puppy or its parents, which could be a disadvantage, as puppies get lots of bad or good habits from their parents. It is always better to learn about that in advance.

Pet Store

Next, we have the pet store. It’s usually simpler to get a Rottweiler puppy from the pet store. You can quickly get one on the day of your visit. Costs vary widely, so shop around and reconsider. You should never purchase a Rottweilerimpulsively, as this is not an average easy breed.

Also, pay attention to the environment of the store and the general condition of all the animals there. A reputable pet store should have vaccinated your puppy and should be able to give you at least some background information about your puppy’s history, personality, and temperament.

Professional Breeder

You can always look for a private breeder to find your personal Rottie. When purchased from a breeder, the process can begin while the female dog is still pregnant. Find a Rottweiler breeder in your area and make appointments in advance. Compare prices, conditions, and then make decisions rationally.

Good and honest breeders should be willing to show you the living conditions of their dogs, at least the puppy’s mother. They usually have a more detailed history of available puppies and can provide all relevant documentation for purebred puppies. The breeder is usually a better option as you can learn a lot about your puppy’s genetic tree, ancestors, their temperament. This information will prepare you greatly to welcome your puppy at home properly!

An Individual Seller


Be especially careful when dealing with someone who is simply trying to unload a litter of unwanted puppies. We strongly recommend not to buy Rottweiler from an individual unless you can see the puppy’s home environment and obtain records of veterinary care, including any vaccinations the puppy has received.

However, if you doubt whether your puppy is in a healthy environment, contact particular organizations and volunteers to investigate the issue and relocate the puppy if necessary.

Family Breeder

Home breeders differ from professional breeders because they produce fewer puppies each year.

Rottweilers have solid personal characteristics, often influenced by genetics. So be sure to learn about their parents before making any final decisions.

If your Rottie’s parents happen to be trained police or service dogs, their children may also be more active and interactive. Still, if you notice your breeder using your parent Rottweiler for fights, your puppy may also be Stressful or aggressive behavior can occur.

Are Rottweilers Dangerous To Their Owners?


As I said, Rottweilers are very loyal to their humans. They tend to be very human-loving animals. They are prone to separation anxiety, so you need to give them much attention. Leaving them alone at home also means you’ll find them destroying everything around them.

Generally, Rottweilers do not tend to be aggressive towards their owners.

However, if you adopt an adult Rottweiler who has not been trained for proper behavior, their natural protective character can cause aggression even towards the owners. For example, accidentally touching their food bowl or walking through their personal space can make Rottweilers angry and dangerous to the owners too.

This can even happen to young Rottie puppies if they are not adequately exercised.

So, the first thing any owner must do is convince the Rottweiler that family members are above them.

Rottweilers respect hierarchy and will not interfere and violate hierarchy. Once your Rottweiler learns that you are the one providing food, water, and shelter, he will see you as a leader and will be easier to train and subordinate.

Are Rottweilers Good For First-Time Owners?


Getting a dog is very much similar to becoming a parent. We don’t naturally know how to treat kids, how to raise them, orhow to punish them. It takes time to find the answers on your own. You’re searching through the internet “how to be a good parent” or asking experienced friends.

The same goes for the dogs. You might not know the basics of how to take care of the dog, but you can search, read, askthe professionals, vets, seek training classes, and still raise your Rottweiler the same way as the experienced owner would.

Thus, don’t get scared; Rottweilers are just another adorable, loving breed that will greatly get along with you and your kids if you put enough effort into training them. [8]

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Rottweilers do not characterize as dangerous breeds for kids. They might be dangerous only the way as any other breed. The owners are responsible for not leaving the babies or toddlers alone with any dog breed, same as Rottweilers.

Make sure your dog and kid get along, respect each other’s personal space, stuff do not express any violence while playing, and all the possible risks will be eliminated.