Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

Rottweiler is a gorgeous breed that lots of us would love to own. However, many scary legends and theories about these guys hold us back. Are Rottweilers Dangerous? Let’s discuss the issue and find the right answer together.

You’ve probably heard countless opinions about the Rottweiler, most of which are not entirely positive, I assume.

Due to Rottweiler’s physical characteristics, this beautiful breed is often considered dangerous and violent. Indeed, the 24 to 27 inches height and muscular hindquarters emphasize the dog’s natural strength.

In fact, most people consider the Rottweiler to be the most dangerous dog, and sadly, many know the breed as a killer dog.

But are Rottweilers dangerous? Or are these massive babies wrongly judged by the negative media as violent, mean, and aggressive dogs?

The truth is, there are certain situations in which Rottweilers do have the potential to be more dangerous than other dogs.

However, they are brilliant dogs, and their owners play a vital role in personality formation from the start. Aggressiveness levels can be significantly reduced when Rottweilers are properly trained. Let’s learn more about this breed and its “dangerousness.” [1]

What Do We Know About Rottweiler? History Of Violence


One reason the Rottweiler is called a violent dog is its past history. Romanian soldiers used to have these dogs as guardians of the cattle. They have also been accompanying the soldiers in the battles, which clearly creates the image of their aggressive and violent character.

Later, the Rottweiler became a popular dog breed for a butcher dog. After a while, they were “promoted” as police service dogs due to the breed’s natural intelligence and strong fighting instincts.

To cut it short, Rotties were always considered great protectors who would quickly deal with any break-ins and uninvited strangers in the house. Still, these robust protective instincts actually became the reasons to call them Dangerous dogs.

What Make Rottweilers Dangerous?

To understand why Rottweilers are dangerous, we first need to understand their characteristics.

The overall appearance of these dogs is balanced, with a symmetrical and broad head and muzzle. A strong chin, a slightly wrinkled forehead, and a charcoal nose complete her face with black alert eyes.

Their triangular ears are set wide and can be cropped or left natural. Rotties are imposing, impressive dogs whose physical strength and power could easily be read in their eyes.

There is an obvious difference between males and females of this breed, with male Rotty dogs exhibiting a great deal of size, a testament to their mastiff origins.

As we learnt from their history, your Rottweiler will be the happiest when he has “work” to do. The job can be anything you teach it, including holding newspapers. It is essential to keep your Rottweiler occupied as if they feel bored. It might cause some troublesome behavior.

Rottweiler’s overprotectiveness and massive body and power enable the breed to cause deadly attacks on people or other animals.

In particular, these dogs do grow up very friendly and protective of their household. Still, as this protection does notusually extend to visitors, we end up with some fatal incidents.

This is why lots of trainers recommend extra caution when training the Rottweiler because of the dog’s natural instincts and strength.

Despite their excellent nature, Rotts are potent dogs that require early socialization. That being said, these puppies need a lifetime of obedience training to determine that the owner, not the dog, is the leader. [2]

Are Rottweilers On The Dangerous Dog List?


Actually, Rotties take second place on the list of dangerous dogs. The Rottweiler is considered the most dangerous dog breed in the world after the Pit Bull.

According to some studies, Rottweilers were responsible for 45 fatal attacks over a 13-year period, accounting for 10 percent of all deadly attacks observed in the United States during that period.

Rottweilers also have a very strong bite, and they know how to use it to a significant effect. So, you’re probably wondering: Can a Rottweiler kill you? I’d say, yes, they indeed are capable of it. [3]

Is Rottweiler Safe For Family?


If you have children in your household and are considering a Rottweiler, there are a few things to consider.

A well-mannered Rottweiler, raised in a loving and fair family, is as trustworthy as the best dog to children. However, given Rottweiler’s size and strength, many parents may choose not to take the risk, and the same with Pit Bulls.

These giant canines easily but involuntarily knock toddlers down with their tails or paws. They may also be aggressive towards cats or other dogs if they don’t grow up with them.

So, once you decide to purchase a Rottie, first discuss the dog’s temperament in the range with your dog breeder. This way, you’ll learn your specific pup’s overall characteristics and nature.

Of course, caution is advised, and you must never let your Rottweiler get the upper hand, whether it’s dealing with the most prominent man in the house or the youngest toddler.

Dogs like Rottweiler like to have positive role models to follow. Otherwise, they will try to be leaders themselves.

Their group instinct reinforces their need for a leader, so, as soon as you get a Rottie, you must show him that you are the prominent leader, followed by every member of your family.

Rottweilers need to know that they are the lowest in the family. The strong hierarchy structure will raise your Rottie’s sense of respect and obedience towards his new family from a young age. [4]

Are Rottweilers Dangerous To Other Dogs?


Any dog ​​can be dangerous if not socialized and untrained. However, Rottweilers have large bodies and sharp teeth that allow them to launch more violent attacks than, for example, tiny Poodles.

However, if your Rottweiler attacks other dogs, you may be concerned about this behavior.

Maybe he gets aggressive-growls and goes into full-blown barking- to other dogs when being on a leash or simply does not tolerate other dogs approaching him in a certain way.

In any case, this behavior requires your attention and care to prevent a heartbreaking accident.

There are several risks when a Rottweiler attacks other dogs. Remember that Rottweilers are very large and strong dogs and can easily injure another dog. Even if the other dog is not physically damaged, there is a risk that the other dog will be emotionally affected.

Helping a dog recover from a Rottweiler attack can be a long and arduous process, so what particular things can you do in the moment of attack? [5]

How To Stop A Rottweiler From Attacking Another Dog?

Suppose your Rottie attacks another dog. The owner needs to respond immediately. The safest way to separate two attacked dogs is better done by two people. They both need to grab each dog’s back paws and lift them up. This will put the dogs in the wheelbarrow position. If the dog’s legs are high, they will quickly get pulled apart.

Once the dogs are pulled away, don’t let them go, as they are likely to fight again. After pulling the dog away, it’s a good idea to turn or slowly swing the dog in a circle. This method will help you keep the dogs away from each other. This prevents the dog from rolling back and biting the person grabbing their leg.

How To Act If Rottweiler Attacks You?


Seeing growling, aggressive, dangerous Rottweilers who intend to attack you is probably one of the terrifying things you will experience. However, panic never is the solution. What can you do when Rottweiler strikes you?

First of all, keep calm and don’t run or try to kick your limbs to look scary. This way, you will just make the Rottweiler attack faster and eliminate any chance of de-escalation.

It may seem counterintuitive to not make a sound, but it is actually recommended not to shout for help. Noises can make you look dangerous or make you sound like prey, as fear usually raises our voices.

So, what can you do? You should use correct body language. The vibe you want to convey is confident but not aggressive. Try not to move, and don’t ever turn your back to the dog. However, you can lean to one side, but your arms should also be flat at your sides.

Also, it’s recommended not to make eye contact with a Rottweiler. In dog language, it’s a challenge and increases the chance that he will attack you.

Try to think rationally and count the first attack. Can you feel the Rottweiler is getting ready for the “launch”? Once he starts running towards you, lift your knee hard as he jumps, and try to determine the dog’s momentum to slam your knee into his chest.

If you can’t do a chest kick, shove whatever you are carrying onto the Rottweiler so it will bite it instead of you. This method will buy you some time and also let the dog know you’re not scared but confident and strong and might even leave you alone. [6]

Dealing With Dangerous Aggressive Rottweilers Behavior

Thus, there are lots of advice about dealing with attacks all over the internet.

However, proper training and socialization from an early age can help you reduce the chances of a Rottie attacking you or others.

If you notice that your Rottweiler is exhibiting aggressive behavior, it’s best to calm down the situation as soon as possible. Feeling restless and anxious in these situations will only cause them to become anxious too, which will only increase their propensity for aggression.

Praise your dog with treats or compliments every time they calm down as you say so. This simple training will help you control his behavior.

Furthermore, early age socialization is always the best solution to raise a well-behaved, not aggressive Rottweiler.

How To Socialize A Rottweiler Puppy?


Rottweilers that are correctly socialized from puppy age grow up more receptive and get along with other dogs and animals. If your Rottweiler is not well socialized, they are more likely to be shy or even dangerous with other dogs and pets.

If you own some other pets, it’s recommended to introduce your Rottweiler to them under supervision slowly.

Like all dogs, Rottweilers are pack animals. They enjoy play and the company of other dogs, animals, and people. Thus, socialization and training from an early age are crucial for the Rottweiler.

The easiest age to socialize with a puppy is before 12 weeks of age. From the 18th week of life, it becomes more difficult, but by no means impossible.

Puppies can be oversocialized, so it is essential to slowly introduce them to new experiences, people, and animals. Socialization begins while they are still with their mother and siblings.

This is when they learn the social skills and rules of being a dog. The best puppy trainers in the world are their own moms.

And again, be sure to give him plenty of praise and attention when he’s relaxing around other people or pets.

If they are praised for passive behavior, they will learn that passive behavior has great rewards.

A home life based on praise will ease Rottweiler’s anxiety, make him feel safe loved, and free him from aggressive tendencies.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Rottweilers indeed are dangerous dogs. Their temperament, violent facial expression, and not-so-pleasant killer history raise doubts about this breed.

However, any form of aggression can be ceased with the right approach and timing. Consult with professionals, train and socialize your Rottweiler pup, and you’ll avoid all these worries regarding his potential aggressiveness.