10 Professional Dog Grooming Tips You Should Know!

Establishing a healthy dog grooming routine is an essential part of being a pet owner. However, proper dog care isn’t as simple as it looks. Lack of grooming experience can oppositely impact your dog’s quality of health. 

The Importance of Dog Grooming


Having a greasy coat can block pores, which might cause irritation and skin problems for your pup. To prevent this, running a brush through your dog’s fur is an excellent way of massaging and  stimulating blood circulation. Pet grooming also ensures that your animal skin breathes properly, keeping down the grease level in their fur, thus, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

If you skip your dog’s regular care routine, you may observe dirty pet’s toenails growing into paw pads and mats, which might cause skin infections. 

Also, focusing on grooming a dog involves checking for any sores, fleas, or general lumps, bumps, scratches, eyes, ears, and feet. Sometimes, between their toes, where clumps form, it can cause a lot of uneasiness. [1]

10 Professional Dog Grooming Tips 


  • Brushing Sessions

Brushing sessions several times a week will help the dog look clean and healthy. Regular combing makes your dog less shed. In addition, brushing around the skin will flake off dandruff and stimulate blood circulation. At the same time, it checks out the burrs and other stubborn plant materials that stick behind the ears and under the legs.

  • Nail Trimming

One thing that makes the dog awkward while walking is the dog’s long nails. Many dogs dislike having their nails cut, but you can make it painless by gentle handling and getting your pup used to the handling in puppyhood. You can also use a dog nail grinder for a successful and painless process.

  • Ear Cleaning 

Ear cleaning should be done once a month. You need a damp, wet cloth or swab dipped in mineral oil. Handle the ear gently when cleaning. 

  • Provide Special Eye care

Simply wipe it with moist cotton balls if you find a slight discharge. Avoid putting any irritant in the dog’s eye. Consult your vet if you find continuous discharge or persistent tearing. The constant dripping will make the eyes look fierce red and angry. 

  • Teeth cleaning   

Like humans, dogs can suffer from dental problems such as gums infections, cavities, tartar buildup, etc. Regular clean-up of your dog’s teeth will save grooming costs and eradicate straining. It is recommended to clean your dog’s teeth twice per week. [2

  • A daily dose of exercise

Dogs feel good when they are in good health. So, to maintain a constant health chart, ramp up your dog’s daily exercise.

  • Dog’s coat type

Getting to know the pet coat type will help out a lot. Sometimes, the shampoos that are used are a little stronger and cause dryness of the skin. To bring the moisture back, a conditioner is needed. Avoid using shampoos for humans because there is a difference in pH. Also, brushing while bathing will remove all the dead hair.

  • Daily Health check

Holding your dog in your arms and daily observing them will make you know whether they are growing and is there something they are going through. You will be able to learn what’s happening in your fur baby’s body.

  • Use Clipper oil

Before using a clipper on your dog’s body, apply some clipper oil. It makes the trimmer run smooth and the hair and saves time. The clipper’s blade will also remain safe from any damage. Simply apply oil on the clipper. Turn it on for a few seconds for the equal spread and use it on the dog.

  • Don’t forget to have fun

Whatever the reason behind the dog’s grooming, remember to have fun during the grooming sessions. Don’t make yourself rigid, and try not to expect a perfect grooming time. It’s really important to make it a good experience for the pet. So take the journey with patience and full of memories with your fur friend.

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Final Thoughts 

Every Pet owner strives hard to make their pet look the best but dog grooming sessions seem a little difficult. So, even if you go just once or twice a month, you can ask for expert advice specific to your dog. It will help you take care of your pet at home. Apply these essential tips to your pet to have great pet care.