Pitbull Poodle Mix

If you ever considered getting a Pitbull Poodle Mix, you’ve come to the right place. A Pitbull Poodle is an interesting hybrid that brings many qualities, from physical looks to better health.

More and more people are opting for this crossbreed as it’s easier for grooming but equally as active and strong. They are loyal, protective, playful, and extremely intelligent.

However, there are also many other things to consider when buying or adopting a Pit Boodle. For a dog to be happy and healthy, you want to make sure to give it the best conditions possible.

In this article, we’ve gathered all the useful information on Pitbull Poodles. From their origin to grooming tips and even name ideas, here you will read everything you need to know about this hybrid.

Origins of Pitbull Poodle Mix


A Pitbull Poodle mix is sometimes also called Pit Boodle, Poodle Terrier, or Doodle Bull. These dogs bring a mix of Pitbull and Poodle traits which makes them highly desirable.

This designer dog is usually highly intelligent and trainable but also very active and muscular. To gain a deeper understanding of Pit Boodles, we need to take a look at the origins and traits of each breed.

Pitbull Terrier Origin

 The origins of this breed can be traced back to the 19th century when they were bred from Old English Bulldogs. The purpose of this new breed was for them to take part in the popular sport back then, called bull baiting.  

Once this cruel sport was prohibited by the English Parliament, the games only continued – this time with rats. During ratting,Pitbulls were set to compete on which one would kill the rat faster. [1]

Fun Fact: The rats were put in the pits to prevent their escape, and this is where the “Pit” in “Pitbull” comes from.

Shortly after, dogfighting became more popular, so Bulldogs were mixed with Terriers to achieve the best fighting results. This is precisely why these dogs are now named Pitbull Terriers.

It’s only after The Second World War that Pitbulls were seen as other dog breeds.

Their origin is most probably the reason why this breed has gained a bad reputation for being an aggressive breed.

Nowadays, this couldn’t be further than the truth. Pitbull Terriers are one of the most intelligent, friendly, and loyal breeds. In fact, Pitbulls can be very gentle too – and if trained properly – they can even be trusted around children and babies.

Possibly the only bad trait of Pitbulls can be stubbornness. However, this is never a serious problem, and it’s usually linked to their playfulness and need for attention.

Sadly, there are still some irresponsible owners who raise Pitbulls into aggressive dogs. This has nothing to do with the breed itself – as one could argue that each breed can become aggressive if raised that way.

Poodle Origin


As Pitbull Terriers, the Poodle origin can be traced back to the 19th century too. However, some breeds that carry traits similar to Poodles can be traced back to the 15th century.

Contrary to popular belief, their origins are from Germany and not France. They were originally bred to be water retrieving dogs but were soon often seen in circuses and as performance dogs. [2]

This is because Poodles are known to be very intelligent and easily trainable dogs. These traits are what make Poodles very interested in having fun, playing games, and learning new tricks.

The beautiful fluffy coats of Poodles are arguably what this breed is mostly known for. This coat was first noticed by the aristocracy in France, which is what eventually created a “spoiled dog” reputation for Poodles.

As for their temperament, Poodles are very loyal and protective dogs. Apart from being easily trainable, they are also very gentle and empathetic. 

Pitbull Poodle Mix Origin



Even though the parent breeds of Pitbull Poodles have long history and origins, this mixed breed is fairly new.

In fact, a mix of Pitbull and Poodle only became popular recently and has been around for about two decades. That being said, there is not a lot of information about the origin of this mixed breed.

Also, a Pitbull Poodle is a fairly rare mixed breed because of the bad reputation of each parent’s breed.

However, one is for sure – the Pitbull Poodle was created in order to mix certain Pitbull and Poodle traits. Let’s dive deeper into those traits and discover what makes this mixed breed so special. 

Pitbull Poodle Mix Main Traits



Pitbull Poodle Mix Physical Appearance

When it comes to Boodle’s physical appearance, it’s unlikely to inherit all characteristics from both parent breeds. Also, because it’s a relatively new crossbreed, one can’t be sure of the precise physical appearance this dog will inherit.

However, you can expect your Boodle to look somewhere in the middle when it comes to physical looks.

When it comes to their size, you have to consider the sizes of parent breeds. Poodles come in 3 different sizes – Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodle. [3]

Pitbulls are considered medium-sized dogs. A Pitbull Poodle is usually also a medium-sized dog, but its size and weight can depend on the Poodle-parent size.

In short, Pitbull Poodle can weigh from 40 to 70 lbs and be from 18 to 24 inches tall.

Pitbull Poodle Mix Hypoallergenic Coat

You can expect your Pit Boodle to have a mix of Pitbull and Poodle coats, but you can’t precisely predict what it will look like.

Their Pitbull parents have a very short coat that is very easy to maintain. In contrast, their Poodle parents have a unique coat that has to be maintained regularly.

Mixed together, your Pit Boodle dog will have a shorter coat that is easy to maintain. It’s most likely that this coat will be shorter than the regular Poodle’s coat but longer than the Pitbull’s.

This is not always the case as some Boodles can inherit their coat more from the Pitbull than the Poodle, and vice versa.

Whatever the case may be, it will certainly be easier to groom your Pit Boodle than it is the case with the regular Poodle.

One more interesting fact is that the Poodle’s coat is hypoallergenic. What this means is that the Poodle’s coat is very unlikely to cause allergic reactions from humans.

This is very beneficial information for all of the families searching for a crossbreed that is not likely to cause allergies.

A pet causing your allergies can be very frustrating, as you won’t get to spend quality time together. The symptoms of allergies can include sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, itchy nose and skin, and more. [4]

PitBull Poodle Mix Coat Color


Pit Boodle’s coat can be a variety of different colors, depending on the color of the parent dog’s coat.

When we those into consideration, a Pitbull Poodle mix coat can be:

  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Silver/Grey
  • Brindle
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Apricot
  • Cafe-au-lait


It all depends on the coat of each dog parent. Keep in mind that the color of the coat can also turn out to be somewhere between the shades mentioned.

Since it is a crossbreed, you can expect to see the different shades of the dog’s coat, too.

Does Pitbull Poodle Mix Shred?


Another reason why the Poodles are nowadays mixed with other breeds is that their coat is easier to maintain.

It will almost certainly be shorter; therefore, it won’t require as much maintenance.

Their Pitbull parent sheds their coat once to twice per year. However, this is almost not noticeable, as Pitbull’s coat is very short.

Also, Pitbulls don’t have an undercoat like some other dog breeds (such as Labradors) have. This means that thor shedding is not that easily noticeable and usually doesn’t require much maintenance.

In contrast, Poodles require regular brushing and other forms of coat maintenance. This is because their curls can become tangled up with the old, shredded coat and become matted.

To avoid shedding, Poodles are taken care of regularly and are often taken to dog grooming centers for this reason.

Pit Boodles have a shorter coat than Poodles and will most likely also have a one-layered coat. They do shred, as most dogs do – just not as often.

A Pit Boodle coat will require daily brushing to avoid tangles. This is in the case of Boodles that inherited their coat mostly from their Poodle parent.

If your Pit Boodle has inherited the coat mostly from the Pitbull parent, it will require only moderate grooming from time to time.

Now, let’s take a look at some other traits of this crossbreed. Stick with us as we provide you with more specific grooming tips later in this article!

Pitbull Poodle Personality Traits



Pitbull Poodles possess a range of different quality traits that come from their parent breeds. They are athletic, loyal, friendly but also protective at times.

Since the Boodles are very active, they require constant training and frequent activity. It may not look like that at first, but they are physically strong and athletic, almost like Pitbulls.

Because of that, Boodles require constant play and attention, which means they need to spend a lot of time running and playing outdoors. The Boodles will not do that well with a sedentary family but will enjoy with a family that’s very active.

The Pitbull Poodle also enjoys games, puzzles, and learning new skills, like their Poodle parents. Because of this, they will love learning new tricks, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

Pitbull Poodle is a very trainable dog, and this is a huge advantage and should not be taken lightly.

Make sure you train your Boodle from a very young age so that the Boodle puppy grows to be loyal and friendly.

Even though Pit Boodles are generally very friendly, their protectiveness can sometimes lead to stubbornness and jealousy, and/or aggressive behaviors.

However, these negative traits usually come from a dog that is unsociable, not trained, or is not raised right. If you make sure to train your Boodle that aggressive behavior is not allowed, you won’t have problems with these negative traits.

Watch for signs of aggression when your Boodle puppy gets in contact with strangers or other dogs. Never display aggression towards your dog, and make sure you train it the right way – by following expert advice.

Is Pitbull Poodle Mix Family-Friendly?


 One is certain – any breed or crossbreed dog can be family-friendly if raised properly. In some cases, you can even trust them to be gentle around kids.

There are many examples of owners who found stray dogs that were initially aggressive but have succeeded in socializing them.

The same goes for any breed or crossbreed dog, bought or adopted. The keywords here are socializing and training.

It’s best to start with training your dog when it’s still a puppy, but you can certainly train a dog of any age. This is especially the case for Pit Boodles, which are easily trainable even if somewhat unfriendly at first.

For a Pitbull Poodle, one has to have patience and time to properly train the dog. Not only does your dog have to be well-behaved in the house, but it also has to behave properly around strangers.

Socializing your dog and teaching it what is wrong and what is not is crucial for raising the dog properly.

Apart from that, remember that the happiest dog is a well-trained dog.

Especially for Pit Boodles, they need constant stimulation, play, games, and new tricks. This crossbreed will simply enjoy learning new tricks and playing around, so make sure to have the time to do so.

In contrast, people or families that don’t have enough time to properly train their dog will end up with a miserable dog. That Boodle will most likely have behavior problems, and maybe even some health problems if not active enough.

Pitbull Poodles are definitely family-friendly. They just need some socializing to be able to adapt to their environment properly. 

Pitbull Poodle Mix Puppies


1)Tips For Buying a Pitbull Poodle Mix Puppy

If you are considering purchasing a Pitbull Poodle puppy, we will go over some crucial tips to have in mind.

Possibly the best tip we can give you is to avoid buying a puppy from a puppy mill or a pet store.

This is because the puppy’s parents (and in some cases the puppies too) are held in inhumane and cruel conditions. It’s also very bad to reinforce the large-scale breeding for selling in these conditions.

These bad living conditions often translate into the dog’s health, and this is what you want to avoid at all costs.

When buying a crossbred puppy, you want to make sure you have the chance to see both of the puppy’s dog parents.

To do that, it’s best for you to buy a puppy from one of the small-scale breeders, which is also reputable. You want to check the living conditions of these dogs and also be sure that these are the dog’s parents.

A reputable breeder will surely go out of his way to show you everything you need to know.

Don’t hesitate to ask the breeder about the following things:


  • The living conditions of the dogs
  • The cleaning routine of their shelters
  • The dog’s training and feeding routines
  • The previous experiences in crossbreeding

Also, please be sure to not ask these things through a phone call and call it a day. You want to make sure to go and check these things yourself.

A reputable breeder should also give you some advice on how to properly train your Boodle. Don’t hesitate to ask the owner to give you some grooming tips and tips on other important routines.

Share what you’re looking for in a new puppy with the breeder. This way, you make sure you can give the Boodle puppy the best possible conditions.

Ask the breeder about the previous health problems of the puppy’s dog parents.

Also, chat with the breeder about some common misconceptions of this crossbreed – you may be surprised to find out something new!

Training a Pitbull Poodle Mix Puppy


When it comes to training your Pit Boodle, you can follow the same rules that apply to other dogs.

However, you may need more patience as this crossbreed can be more stubborn or feisty at times. This is not a cause for concern. You just need to set aside the time to properly train your new puppy.

The most common thing to start is potty training – which is also needed indoors.

When a puppy first comes into your home, it will most likely be scared and will naturally search for the shelter. This is where dog crates are very helpful – and you can use them to help you train your puppy too.

You want to make sure you have your feeding routine set for your puppy, but also be sure to check the puppy’s poop.

The puppy poop will change as it grows up, and monitoring it can help you adjust the puppy’s diet.

Every time your puppy poops at the right spot, you need to reinforce this behavior. You can do so by clapping, praising the dog, or giving it dog treats.

Any kind of approval or praise is proven to be the best method in dog training. [7]

Apart from that, make sure you expose your puppy to as many experiences as you can. Do this gradually, as this will allow your puppy to adopt and socialize.

Take your puppy to a dog park, to meet your friends, to see other strangers and different locations. Monitor the Boodle’s behavior, give praises accordingly, and you will certainly end up with a happy and socialized dog.

Full Grown Pitbull Poodle Mix

In rare cases, people find this crossbreed as a stray dog and decide to adopt it. Although rare, this is still a possible scenario.

If this is your case, we recommend you first take your dog to the vet for an overall check. Your Boodle might even be a crossbreed of another sort, as there are many other similar crossbreeds out there.

However, what’s most important is for your dog to be healthy and happy. When adopting a stray, you can’t simply know the health conditions of the dog’s parents or the dog itself.

This is why taking your pet to the vet is vital for the future health and wellbeing of your dog.

If you happen to have a fully grown Pitbull Poodle, know that training is still possible for adult dogs. [8]

An aggressive dog is usually a scared dog that loses its trust in people because of a bad past or inadequate socializing.

When it comes to their looks, a fully grown Pitbull Poodle will have a mixture of Pitbull and Poodle features.

A Poodle has a domed skull, whereas a Pitbull has a more oval, chunky head. A Pit Boodle will be somewhere in between.

They also have dark brown to black oval eyes with droopy ears.

Depending on the coat the dog inherited, it can have a shorter or longer coat. However, it will quite possibly have a single coat that is dense in nature.

When it comes to their exercise routines, the adult Pit Boodles needs a lot of exercise and activity.

They are both intelligent and athletic. Ideally, their training will consist of fun skill training, with a lot of room to run and explore new things. 

Pitbull Poodle Mix Cost


As stated previously, it’s best to buy a Pitbull Poodle from a reputable breeder.

It’s best to avoid buying a dog from pet stores or online from unsafe sources. This is because these dogs are mostly bred in large numbers to achieve a higher probability of getting sold afterward.

Not only that, these dogs are most likely kept in very bad living conditions. Sometimes this creates health conditions that can impact the quality of a dog’s life.

You want to avoid that, and you want to make sure you’re buying a Pitbull Poodle from a reliable breeder.

The price range for a Pitbull Poodle can vary from $400 to $2,500. This price largely depends on how reputable the breeder is.

Make sure to ask around and collect all the valuable information of the breeder to make the right choice.

However, even after you successfully buy a dog, the expenses don’t end here. You need to be prepared for all of the other expenses that dog maintenance requires.

This includes:


  • Veterinary Visits (from $100 to $2,000 per year)
  • Grooming (from $30 to $500)
  • Collars, Leashes, Beds, and Toys (can cost up to $1,000 or more)
  • Dog food and treats (can cost from $250 to $700 per year)

Along with these expenses, you might need to spend more money on medications and on neutering/spaying.

Also, you will probably have to invest in a dog crate to help keep your active Pit Boodle well behaved.

Some additional expenses also include petsitting, dog-walking, and getting your dog trained by a professional.

Additional brushes, collars, and leashes have to be bought periodically as the dog grows and requires new ones. The same goes for dog toys and beds, which have to be changed periodically.

A Pitbull Poodle requires regular grooming, so you have to count these in as additional expenses too. Your Boodle might need to get professional grooming on a monthly basis, or you just need to change the brush you’re using.

Pitbull Poodle Mix Grooming Tips

Although there are some general grooming tips, there are also some that will largely depend on the dog parent it takes after.

If your Pit Boodle mostly inherits the coat of a Pitbull, then only some general grooming tips will apply. You most likely won’t have to worry about shredding, and occasional brushing will be enough.

However, if your Boodle has a Poodle-like coat with curls, you have to take care of it more often. Most likely, it will require the daily brushing of the coat to avoid the creation of knots.

If your Pit Boodle has a more dense but long curly coat, it will probably require some brushing sessions.

To do this, you will need some quality brushes made specifically for that purpose. You need to check out some of the best-reviewed poodle brushes to make sure you’re getting the right one.


Here are some of the brushes we picked out for you:

Apart from brushing, grooming tips also include taking care of your Boodle’s nails teeth and giving it baths. We also reviewed some grooming scissors for maintaining the coat in optimal condition.

You don’t want to bathe your dog way too often, as this can make them more sensitive to certain diseases or cause irritation.

Give a bath to your Pitbull Poodle every four weeks, and take care of its proper grooming every eight weeks.

Also, most dogs need to have their nails trimmed every two weeks. This can sometimes wait to every four weeks or more, as walking on pavement shortens a dog’s nails.

Last but not least, most dogs require teeth brushing about two times per week. You can do this easily nowadays as there are literally dog treats made specifically to clean the dog’s teeth.

Pitbull Poodle Mix Health Conditions

 When it comes to the Pitbull Poodle’s health, we have good news!

It is scientifically proven that hybrid or crossbred dogs are, in general, healthier than purebred dogs. This is because of the effect called Heterosis, where crossbreds are less likely to take on genetically spread diseases.  [9]

The life expectancy of Pitbull Poodles is from 9 to 15 years.

However, this does not mean that your Boodle is immune to any kind of disease or health condition. There is still a vulnerability to some diseases, and it’s best to know what they are so you can prevent them.

Some of the health issues a Pit Boodle can be vulnerable to are:

  • Allergies
  • Bloating
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy
  • Thyroid issues
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Addison’s disease
  • Juvenile renal disease
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

Some of the most common health issues a Pitbull Poodle can suffer from are:


  • Hyp Dysplasia – Some of the first signs of hyp dysplasia are lethargy and/or difficulty moving. This condition involves suffering from a joint that starts popping out of a socket. This can happen both in the hips and/or joints and causes immense pain.
  • Ear Infection – This is mostly because of the low shedding of their Pitbull parent. Having a dog that is almost no shedding at all is awesome as it requires little to no maintenance. However, this can lead to an ear infection because of accumulated dirt.
  • Bloating – It’s normal for your dog to feel a little bit bloated after a huge meal. However, if the bloat is constant, you might want to check this at the vet. This is because bloating is the most common sign of a deadly disease called gastric dilatation-volvulus.
  • Vomiting – Unfortunately, not a single dog is prone to vomiting. This is just their organism’s natural way of trying to get rid of harmful materials, so vomiting is always a signal. Beware of lawn mushrooms, as they can be deadly for the dogs, and one of the first signs of consumption is vomiting.
  • Heart Disease – This condition can be mostly prevented by feeding your dog proper food. Most people make the mistake of feeding their dog human food, which can take a toll on their health. It’s best to stick with carefully manufactured dog food for optimal dog health.

Pitbull Poodle Mix Name



Choosing a dog’s name can be a fun but sometimes difficult task. You want to make sure that it’s simple and fun but that it also suits the dog’s character.

In this part of the article, we will give you some tips and ideas that will make you proud of your dog’s name!

Naming your Pitbull Poodle Mix


Although this task doesn’t have to be tricky, you went through all of those different ideas, and none of them seem to fit?

We’ve got you covered!

Here are some tips to follow when naming your Pit Boodle:

  • Pick a name that can’t be confused with commands.


This is probably the most important advice you can get for choosing a pet’s name. If you do pick a name that’s way too similar to some of the commands, you will have a hard time training your dog.

To avoid this, stick to the names that are different from what the commands sound like.


  • Pick a name that can’t be confused with your other pet’s names.

If you have other pets in your home, the same rule applies. When you pick a name that’s way too similar to the other dog’s name, this can get confusing for both of your dogs.

Try to pick a name that is a lot different from the other one so that they cannot be mixed.


  • Pick a short name


Another great piece of advice all dog owners should follow is to give their pets short names. Try to stick to a two-syllable name and the one you will be comfortable repeating over and over.

Picking a name that’s too long will only end up in you shortening it after anyways. That being said, why not pick a short name in the first place?


  • Pick a name that matches your dog’s personality.

This one may sound confusing to the new owners at first. However, even if you just got a puppy, soon you will notice that it definitely has a distinct personality.

This is a fun part of being a dog owner, so don’t let it go to waste! Try recognizing the main personality traits of your dog, and then brainstorm short names that match those.

Pitbull Poodle Mix Name Ideas

Now, we’ll give you a list of dog names to choose from, both for female and male dogs. We hope this will help you pick a name or inspire you to make up a new one!

Male Pitbull Poodle Name Ideas


  • Bear
  • Brody
  • Bruno
  • Coco
  • Copper
  • Gus
  • Hugo
  • Leo
  • Lucky
  • Max
  • Ollie
  • Ozzy
  • Rocko
  • Teddy
  • Oreo
  • Prince
  • Frankie
  • Peanut
  • Coby
  • Rudy

Female Pitbull Poodle Name Ideas


  • Luna
  • Anna
  • Molly
  • Millie
  • Fleur
  • Mia
  • Lexy
  • Betty
  • Nina
  • Becky
  • Jade
  • Zara
  • Dolly
  • Ellie
  • Rosie
  • Grace
  • Lilly
  • Clara
  • Elsie
  • Lizzie

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The Takeaway

A Pitbull Poodle Mix is certainly a dog of many positive traits. Their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly personality are just some of the reasons why they gained popularity in recent years.

They are also generally healthier than purebred dogs and have a hypoallergenic coat which makes them suitable for many families.

Pit Boodles are easily trainable and love to learn new tricks and games. Ideally, owners should make time to train and socialize them to make the most out of this beautiful hybrid.