Are Boxers Good With Kids?

Many parents with little kids want to enrich their everyday lives by getting them a four-legged furry companion. Some breeds genetically have better or worse behavior. Are boxers good with kids, or they aren’t such a good choice?

Breed Information


Before we disclose are boxers good with kids, you have to understand this glorious breed.

Boxers are considered one of the most good-looking dog races. When in peak condition, they always get all the attention.

Males can be up to 25 inches in shoulders, while females are a bit shorter. Their average weight ranges between 50 and 70 pounds.

You can see all of their muscles through a short, brown coat, with a black snout and white stomach and paws. They are smooth and graceful dogs and move like their athlete namesakes.

Boxers are excellent watchdogs that need a lot of training. Also, they should be exposed to children and other animals as early as possible.

Boxer Temperament


Despite their ferocious appearance, boxers are very friendly dogs. They’re very affectionate and can create a deep bond with their owner.

Boxers aren’t known to be aggressive unless something threatens their owners. However, even in such cases, aggression isn’t expected.

They are an intelligent, energetic breed. They need a lot of energy throughout the day, and they aren’t considered good beginner’s dogs.

Still, they are very easy to train with training collars if you know how to do it properly.

However, they are patient and protective and can be fearless if a threat arises.

Still, they have to be socialized from their puppyhood. If they become used to seeing other dogs and people, they can be very friendly.

Boxers are good in social settings overall; you just want to make sure they’re given wide exposure to different situations.

This way you avoid the chance of them becoming afraid of what they don’t know. Their intelligence can do the rest, and they’ll quickly learn how to behave.

Are Boxers Good With Kids?


Boxers have a reputation for being among the best breeds for children.

They are calm when they need to be, and if appropriately trained will never lash out at a child. At the same time, their patience is of good use if you have a very young, energetic child.

However, there are some things to be careful about.

As we’ve already mentioned, boxers are a very large breed that is energetic at the same time. They love to jump around, and they can knock a child over.

This is especially the case with younger dogs, filled with energy. A young boxer might not be a good idea for a young child, as their play can be a bit rough.

Senior dogs are much calmer, and they don’t have that excess energy that needs to be taken care of.

Not to mention that boxers are highly intelligent breed that can quickly learn how to interact with children properly.

If you have somewhat older kids, they should already understand that dogs have a unique set of feelings.

This can allow them to have safe interaction without causing much trouble for the child, dog, and parent alike. [1]

If you have a squeamish kid who hates getting dirty, they might not be a good match for a boxer. Boxers slobber a lot and are known to drool, snort and wheeze.

Flatulence is very common, as well, so some bad smells are to be expected.

Overall, however, boxers are great with kids.[2]

They are playful, so children are a good match when it comes to energy and a constant need to be active.

Boxers can run around all day, which is great for kids, as well. They are goofy, and children will never become bored with them.

At the same time, children can provide enough activity for an energetic boxer.

This way, you’ll have one thing less to worry about.

Boxers are very patient dogs, which isn’t commonly found among canine breeds. They will tolerate kids, even when they aren’t too considerate of their four-legged playmates’ needs.

Of course, this doesn’t mean kids should do whatever they want with this dog. However, you shouldn’t expect any consequences if your child becomes a bit too rough on the dog.

Also, these dogs are very protective. They are considered great ‘nanny dogs‘, and can take care of a child rather well.

Not just that, but your home is safe with them, as they are one of the best family guard dog breeds.

Boxers will protect your kids at all costs. And no, they aren’t prone to harming other kids or humans – as long as they’re trained the right way.

Keep in mind that boxers are still animals. It would be best if you never left your children unsupervised with a dog, no matter how well-trained they are.

Yes, they are friendly and kind, but there’s no need to risk.

Can Children Care for the Boxer?


Even though the answer to ‘Are boxers good with kids’ is positive, they should never be left at children’s care.

Young children are not capable of taking responsibility for a dog, and boxers are a very large breed.

A child could never control an adult boxer.

Boxers need to have strong leader so they can be adequately trained on time. They continuously need to have positive reinforcements to learn to behave appropriately.

Children cannot provide them with a strict set of rules they must follow. The responsibility of taking care of a boxer must always be on a parent.

Not to mention that boxers aren’t a breed that is easy to contain. Such a big dog can break a fenced yard and run away quite easily.

They don’t care too much about obstacles and can escape almost any type of dog containment. Boxers can cause serious damage to furniture, as well.

Some dogs scratch carpets; others will jump on anything they can reach. A child couldn’t control a full-grown boxer, no matter how well-trained he is.

How Can You Teach a Child to Behave Around a Boxer?


Even though boxers are really friendly, if a child goes overboard, they might react aggressively.

As we’ve already mentioned, a dog needs to be appropriately trained so he doesn’t harm anyone during play.

However, a child needs to learn to respect a boxer, as well.

It would be best if you taught your child to respect dogs even before you bring a new pet home. Explain to them they have to be calm around a boxer and not attempt to ‘ride’ him.

Also, teach them not to touch the dog’s ears, mouth, or backside, as this can make your dog uncomfortable.

Not to mention pulling off the tail! Kids love to do this, and tails are sensitive parts of a dog’s body.

This will hurt the dog, who might even sustain severe injuries. At the same time, a dog might react uncontrollably out of fear.

Children shouldn’t yell at the dog’s ears or be too loud, as this as well can irritate a boxer.

There will likely be some additional steps that you’ll have to go through. Not all children are the same, just like there aren’t two dogs with the exact same behavior. Still, some basic rules have to be set.

If you think your kids are too young to understand – then they’re too young for a dog.

Health Issues

Dogs live shorter than humans. If you get a dog while your children are very young, they’ll be hurt when their friend passes.

This is why you should always try to find healthy breeds that have long life spans.

Sadly, boxers aren’t a very healthy breed, and they are prone to several health issues. In fact, they rarely live longer than 10 years.

Boxers are susceptible to cancer, and this is one of the most common death causes. You can request a genetic screening test that will prove the puppy’s parents are healthy, but there is no guarantee.

Also, they can develop several heart issues, such as:

Boxers are very prone to bloating, which can result in deadly gastric torsion.

There are no warning signs, and a dog who seemed healthy might die just a few minutes later.

Hypothyroidism in boxers is also relatively common, and this endocrine disorder can cause many health issues.

This condition isn’t curable, but it is treatable if the treatment is given on time. The only adequate treatment is a medication that needs to be given to the dog his entire life.

Some people suggest giving special food to boxers to help them with their hypothyroidism. There is no evidence that this food can help cure your dog, but it can help maintain good health.

A proper diet is the key to a long life, and boxers are no different.

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Bottom Line

So, are boxers good with kids? Yes, they are. In fact, they are among the best breeds when it comes to socialization with children. They are patient and loveable, despite their high energy levels.

However, there are some things you should be mindful of. Boxers are large dogs, and they might hurt a child during play if they knock a kid over.

Also, they need to be well-trained; otherwise, they might act uncontrollably.

And the saddest part of it all – boxers have a pretty short life span. They are prone to many health issues that can cause them to pass prematurely.

Still, during their short life, they will be a great friend to your kid.

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