Can Pitbulls Lock Their Jaws?


Can Pitbulls lock their jaws, and will this harm children many parents may ask. Pitbulls are among the dog breeds with the worst reputation. Many childcare experts say that Pitbulls don’t belong in homes with young children because they are dangerous. Pitbulls are controversial, to say the least, and their appearance doesn’t help them too … Read more

Are Pitbulls Good With Kids?


Dogs are good for kids. They help children learn responsibilities and are even good for preventing allergies. But sometimes you should be careful. Considering they are one of the most popular breeds, are pitbulls good for kids? Below are things you should consider before adopting a pitbull in a family with little kids. Breed Characteristics  … Read more

Why Do Pitbulls Attack People


Every few months, we read about Pitbull’s biting people. This breed has a reputation of being one of the most aggressive dog races out there. Why do Pitbulls attack people, and does this really happen as often as we’re lead to believe? One of the common stories any Pitbull lover has heard is the one … Read more