Can Corgis Swim?


Corgis are one of the world’s favorite dog breeds. Their short-legged body and huge ears make easily them stand out from other breeds. With such a stature, one can’t help but wonder can corgis swim, or will they have issues in the water. Naturally, almost all dog breeds can swim. This activity is simply more … Read more

Are Corgis Aggressive?


No matter if you’re looking at Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgis, you’d want to know about their temperament and behavior. Any future owner has to know are corgis aggressive and other facts about the breed’s temperament. This is primarily a concern if you have a big family or other pets. Even if you don’t, you’d … Read more

Are Corgis Smart Dogs?


Do you think about purchasing a corgi? This dog breed has won the world thanks to its cute face and stubborn personality. Many people wonder, are corgis smart pets, or is this just a myth that circles the internet? Before you get yourself a dog, it would be best to do your research about the … Read more