Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Drool?

bernese mountain dog drooling

The Bernese Mountain dog is on the shortlist of many pet lovers in our country. This dog breed is one of the favorite dogs of Americans and we can understand that. [1] BMD’s gorgeous coat is a treat for the eyes and its personality is pleasant and malleable. One of the questions that come up when … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Passion Fruit?


Can dogs eat passion fruit with us? Passion fruit has a nutritional value but contains ingredients in its seeds and crust that are toxic for dogs. That is why the dogs can’t eat all parts of the fruit. It’s best to play it safe and not give your dog a passion fruit at all. We … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop and What You Can do About it?


Are you here because you’re wondering why do dogs eat cat poop? Well, you’ve probably noticed that dogs can have some strange habits, and I’m here to talk about this one.  To be clear, dogs love to try and eat everything that they see, especially if the smell is appealing to them. That’s why they … Read more

5 Home Remedies to Stop Dog Shedding!


Looking for some home remedies to stop dog shedding in your house? Been there! Although normal, dog shedding can sometimes be really annoying, especially when your couch and clothes are full of dog hair. You already know that every breed will shed differently.  Whoever owns dogs with thick coats knows the struggle that comes after … Read more

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet?

dog_laying _on_carpet.jpeg

As a dog owner, you’ve probably very often been in a situation to wonder, “why does my dog scratch the carpet”? It’s completely understandable how this can be not only annoying but also worrisome. Yes, your carpet will probably get destroyed. However, the owners usually worry about what’s causing the pets to act like that healthwise. … Read more

Is Mayonnaise Bad for Dogs?


Your dog has accidentally eaten a piece of your sandwich that had mayo on it, and now you’re worried about it, and wondering is mayonnaise bad for dogs? Been there! I love my dog so much, but I have to admit that it’s very stressful to monitor what he has in his mouth because of … Read more

4 English Bulldog Tail Types You Should Know!


Since English bulldog acts affectionately and calmly, most people love keeping them for pet purposes. Often, that bulldog you will find lying comfortably on the couch tends to be the English bulldog. One interesting thing is their tail. But, here are 4 English bulldog tail types you should know. How many English Bulldog Tail Types … Read more

Can a Dog Eat Spoiled Meat?


We always have, “can a dog eat spoiled meat”? But the answer may not be a direct yes on no answer. I tend to think that both solutions may apply but just to a certain degree. Dogs originated from the evolution of the ancient Pleistocene wolf. [1] So, yes, the domesticated dog has a wolf … Read more

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed?


Bernese Mountain Dogs are not the most common dogs, especially in large cities. However, as more and more people decide to move in smaller towns, they are slowly becoming more popular. But what about maintaining these large dogs? Do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed and is their tricolored coat easy to groom? Bernese Mountain Dogs have … Read more

Why Does My Dog Hump My Boyfriend?


Imagine you’re finally asking your boyfriend over, can’t wait for your furry friend and your BF to meet each other, and BOOM, your beloved pup suddenly starts humping his leg! So shameful, right? It’s okay, most of us have experienced the same thing, but you’re probably still wondering: “why does my dog hump my boyfriend?” … Read more