Will My Dog Think I Abandoned Him When I Go On Vacation?

So your adult life is finally awarded with some vacation days. How great! But wait, you have a dog, and you’re worried about leaving him behind. You’re probably asking yourself: will my dog think I abandoned him when I go on vacation? Is it better to take him with me?

Taking a dog on vacation isn’t always fun. They might get stressed, tired, bored, sick, etc. So, when you have only a couple of vacation days left, it’s understandable that you want to go without your dog.

Will My Dog Think I Abandoned Him When I Go On Vacation?


Honestly, it depends. It depends on how you deal with the issue. Your dog has needs, and even though you leave enough food (Make sure you don’t starve your dog though), and ask your friend to take him outside for potty, that’s not enough. He will need to socialize, exercise, play.

Dogs are dramatic and sensitive creatures. They remember when you come back from work, so once the daily schedule changes, they get anxious. [1]

However, there are some ways to make the process easy, so let’s discuss what you need to do.

How To Keep Dogs Calm When We Leave For Vacation


Now, I’ll share a few tips to make your vacation more enjoyable for both your dog and yourself.

Take short trips

Leaving your dog for the first time for vacation is extremely difficult. You’re happy to go, but also your heart stays with your pup. It’s okay. You can teach your dog anything with proper dog training courses. [2]

Before you leave for the vacation, it will be better to get your dog used to being alone for different time frames. Walk around, visit your friends, go out, but don’t make these trips fixed. Also, always showcase your suitcase whenever you go out from home without them.

Your dog will associate the suitcase with your leaving and gradually get used to it. Make sure You give enough treats and praises once you get back. This way, your dog will remember that you don’t leave him forever, that you always come back and award him for the good behavior.

This training will always eliminate the separation anxiety in your pup and scratched couches and carpets at your house.

Hire a dog sitter

You might not want to cause extra stress to your dog by switching a place. In this case, you will prefer hiring a sitter at home. Leaving your dog at home is a good option if you’re concerned that your dog won’t adjust well to an unfamiliar environment. Keeping them in your home means they will be in their own space with their belongings, which is a huge comfort to them in your absence.

If you decide to keep a pet sitter in your home, invite them at least once before the big trip so your pet can get to know them. Let the dog smell the sitter and build a positive relationship. If you leave your pup at the sitter’s home, bring himthere before your trip and give him a special treat so he can associate the new place with a positive experience.

Ask A Friend To Take Care Of Your Dog


Your dog staying at a friend’s house is another good option. If your dog is social and is used to spending time with your friends, then you can ask one of your besties to take care of your pup while you’re gone. For instance, my dog loves hanging out with my friends. He enjoys playing, running, fetching with them, so I’m pretty sure he won’t even feel sad if I leave him with them for some time.

If your pet and your friends have a similar relationship, your dog would love to stay over. It would be cheaper and easier since your dog will already be familiar with the scent and character of your friends.

Make sure your friend feeds your pup the fresh food every day, as spoiled dog food or meat might cause severe health issues and ruin your whole vacation.

Leave Your Dog In A Dog Hotel


Another option you can consider if you don’t have someone to trust or feel uncomfortable with someone staying at your home is to board your dog with a professional dog hotel.

They may feel anxious at first, but dog hotels usually have excellent equipment and environments to keep your dog happy. These hotels help your pet socialize, play with other dogs indoors and outdoors, receive treats and praise, and more.

This option is always great for a safe and fun environment with fully licensed professionals. It will give you a completely stress-free experience and let you focus on enjoying your vacation. I promise your dog will love it so much he won’t even have time to think about you.

Ask The Sitters To Exercise The Dog Often

Whether your friend is taking care of your furry buddy or a professional babysitter, they should get the dog to release their energy daily.

The key to a happy pet is exercise. If your pet moves a lot when you’re gone, they won’t have the energy to miss you. So make sure the person watching them takes them on super long walks and interacts with them more than they are usually used to. [4]

Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of Your Vacation

After you decide who will take care of your dog after you leave, you need to spend the final days with your dog properly. It’s perfectly normal to feel emotional and anxious about leaving your puppy. Still, it’s also essential for you to try not to express these feelings around him as it will only worsen the situation. [5]

If you feel anxious, take a deep breath and try not to transfer your feelings onto your pet. Take him outside to play some games, share some extra hugs. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will increase your connection time before you leave, which is essential.Will My Dog Forget Me If I Go On Long Vacation?

Sometimes, we need to go on business trips, which last long, and our pets are not usually welcome there. Leaving your dog for a month might feel painful. You might even start worrying whether your dog will still remember you or not. No worries, dogs practically never forget their owners and favorite persons. They will always remember your scent, so once you unite, you’re pup will excitedly jump on you. [6]

However, if you need to leave your pup for some years, it’s better to think about giving him away. You can’t ask your friend to take care of your dog for years-they have their own life and vacation plans, right? You might can’t afford to hire a dog sitter every day for years as well. In this case, if you have to leave the dog for some years, then giving him away might be the best option. [7]

It might sound harsh, but it is the best for your dog as well. You’re probably wondering: will my dog miss me when I give him away? Yes, of course, but your dog will get used to his new owner too, so don’t worry. Proper care, affection, and love will make it easier for your dog to adjust to a new family.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, it’s not that tragic to leave your dog and enjoy your vacation without him. Start getting ready for it in advance, get him trained, find the proper caregiver, leave enough food, treats and toys, and he will get through it quickly.

Also, you can always check on him with the video calls. Dogs will find it difficult to recognize your voice and face from the screen, but you will be relieved once you see your pup enjoying time on his own.