Dog Seizures and CBD’s Potential to Reduce It

Does CBD helps with dog seizures?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the cannabis plant. It is well renowned for its possible medicinal uses, providing comfort and relaxation without the intoxicating effects of THC.

CBD for dogs is becoming more and more well-liked as a safe and effective treatment for a range of canine health problems. You can buy it from here

Pet owners use CBD to assist their animals in coping with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other issues. It is a mild, non-euphoric alternative that can improve our beloved four-legged friends’ health and quality of life.

What Leads to Dog Seizures?


An overabundance of electrical activity in the brain of your dog or cat results in seizures. Numerous factors, such as poisoning, liver illness, blood sugar fluctuations, fever, strokes, brain tumors, anemia, electrolyte imbalances, or head trauma, can result in individual seizures.

There are two main types of epilepsy: symptomatic epilepsy and idiopathic epilepsy, which is also known as primary epilepsy.

While symptomatic epilepsy happens when there is an identified underlying brain lesion or metabolic cause, such as the ones discussed above, idiopathic epilepsy has no known etiology and is frequently a hereditary condition. Although it can affect any breed or mixed breed, idiopathic epilepsy can be inherited in many breeds.

Can CBD Treat Seizures in Dogs?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has attracted a lot of attention due to its possible medical uses for people and other animals, including dogs. The treatment of seizures is one area where CBD has demonstrated potential.

  • CBD in Epilepsy and Other Seizer Diseases

Dogs suffering from epilepsy and other seizure disorders can be quite distressing for both their owners and pets. Even though preclinical research and an expanding amount of anecdotal data point to potential benefits, the usefulness of CBD in treating seizures in dogs is still being studied.

  • Reduces Seizer Occurrences

It is believed that CBD acts by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates several physiological processes, including the neurological system. For certain dogs, it could help lessen the frequency and intensity of seizures, which could be comforting in cases when other therapies have failed or have unfavorable side effects.

  • Provides Relief to Dogs with Seizer

Although some dogs with seizures may find relief with CBD, there is no promise of a cure, and each dog may react differently. Through Colorado State University, the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation investigated the efficacy of CBD in treating canine epilepsy.

According to the study, the frequency of seizures decreased in 89% of the dogs participating in the clinical trial that received CBD.

However, dog owners must use caution while using CBD to treat seizures. Seeking advice from a veterinarian is crucial, as they may offer recommendations for suitable doses and track your dog’s development. To assure safety and efficacy, it is also essential to utilize premium CBD products made especially for pets.

How Can CBD Lessen Seizure Frequency?



An endocannabinoid system with several receptors governs bodily activities in all animals. The body produces endocannabinoids as needed to preserve homeostasis or a steady internal environment.

  • These biological systems fall short of the body’s requirements when a disorder like epilepsy disrupts homeostasis. The abundant phytocannabinoids in hemp can help restore balance when taken as a supplement.
  • Two different types of endocannabinoid receptors have been identified: CB1 receptors, which are primarily located in the brain, neurological system, glands, and organs, and CB2 receptors, which are primarily found in immune system regulatory cells. CBD products help both kinds of people, but it’s their interactions with CB1 receptors that give them the power to regulate seizures and quiet hyperactive neurons. CBD supplements can help the neurological system return to equilibrium after an illness or accident has affected it.

Numerous pet owners have shared testimonies and recommendations about CBD’s ability to aid their furry friends with seizures, even in situations when traditional drugs have proven ineffective. It has been demonstrated that consistent usage reduces seizure frequency and intensity. 

CBD Dosage Guideline for Dogs with Seizures

The potential advantages of CBD oil in treating canine seizures have come to light. The fact that CBD oil is naturally derived is one of its main benefits for dogs that have seizures. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive substance that comes from the hemp plant and doesn’t give users the “high” that marijuana does. It is, therefore, a secure choice for animals.

The amount of CBD oil prescribed for seizures in dogs varies according to the size, weight, and severity of the dog’s ailment. It is crucial to begin with a low dosage and raise it gradually until the intended result is obtained. The starting points for dose recommendations are as follows:

  • Start with 1-2 milligrams of CBD oil per 10 pounds of body weight for tiny dogs under 20 pounds.
  • Start medium-sized dogs (20–60 pounds) at a weight of 2-4 milligrams of CBD oil per 10 pounds of body weight.
  • Start with 4–8 mg of CBD oil per 10 pounds of body weight for big dogs (above 60 pounds).
  • It is advised that dogs receive doses of CBD oil twice a day, in the morning and the evening. Every five to seven days, the dosage can be raised by 0.5 to 1 mg until the intended result is obtained. It’s crucial to follow the correct dose, nevertheless, since doing so might have adverse effects.
  • You may give your dog CBD oil orally or mix it into their diet. Before using, ensure the container is thoroughly shaken, and use a dropper or syringe to measure the dosage precisely.

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Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that CBD may have promising results in reducing canine seizures. It has a good effect on the well-being of dogs, as evidenced by several studies and testimonies. But before starting any new therapy, it is essential to speak with a veterinarian. CBD offers a promising way to help dogs with seizures live better lives, provided they receive the right advice and dose.

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