Best Small Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

Today the dog is used not just as a pet, but it can also have different “jobs”. It can be a therapy dog, a psychiatric service dog, or an emotional support dog. And each of these “roles” requires dogs of different breeds. If you are researching on best small dog breeds for emotional support you are at the right place!

There is a stereotype that Golden Retriever is the best ESA dog. However, this is a large dog that not everyone can keep. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss small breeds of dogs that can be great companions for you.

Can emotional support animals really make a difference?


In fact, many scientific studies prove the undeniable positive effect of pets on man’s psychological and emotional state. When we pet an animal, it helps to reduce stress and fear, calm down, and relax.

Besides these facts, the research has shown that an emotional support animal may reduce depression and anxiety and improve overall psychological health. These creatures are also good for other mental health issues. That is why numerous mental health experts recommend that their patients get a dog or cat that can be with them most of the day and provide the necessary psychological support.

Once you receive a recommendation from your therapist and choose an animal, you can Register Your Emotional Support Animal to be able to receive not only your own psychic health benefits but also legal bonuses for ESA.

Are small dogs good for emotional support?


Actually, any size dog can be an emotional support animal. Often people choose bigger dogs like golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, pit bulls, and others. Labradors and retrievers are thought to be the best emotional support dog breeds because they have a soft and playful temperament.

Nevertheless, small emotional support dogs can be even more useful in some situations. Smaller dogs are great for small homes, they are easier to take with you, and they have fewer needs. As for the character of the dog, it does not always depend on the breed. So you can choose an animal of emotional support for all your needs and desires. [1]

Best Small Dog Breeds for Emotional Support


Yorkshire terrier

Yorkie is regarded among the most adorable pups and also an excellent emotional support dog for a number of underlying factors. For one thing, the Yorkshire terriers are easily accessible. They have tiny pups weighing between 5 and 7 pounds, perfect for a spunky and confident partner in social situations.

The family’s playful energy is great for snuggles. It’s therefore a highly-rated watchdog and alerts you to everything suspicious by a loud bark. Despite their small size, Yorkies are guard dogs, so they will protect their owner, despite the scale of the threat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are not only wonderful companions but also great therapy dogs. By nature, they are very loving and affectionate dogs, dedicated to their handlers, and love to spend time with people of all ages. This is one of the friendliest breeds, which is happy to meet other animals and people.

Moreover, Cavs are very smart and high-energy dogs and if you spend enough time and attention training your pet, you can easily teach it to perform almost any commands. So, these emotional support dogs will be able to help you cope not only with mental illness but also with some household routines.


The Maltese may have big expressive eyes and may also be the best pet to be around. Malteses are a good choice as they tend to attach themselves to someone they like. Their calming and soothing touch can offer therapeutic advice.

Many experts consider the Maltese to be one of the best emotional support animals for those looking for a small dog that can always lift their spirits and promote good emotions. Yet, pet parents must be aware that these dogs love physical contact and strive to receive as much attention as possible from their owners.


Corgi loves having fun and making new friends, so it can be a great emotional support dog. This smart and fun dog could make anyone happy. The temperament of this breed is suitable almost for everyone — they are loyal, fun-loving, smart, bold, and with affectionate nature.

It is because of their devotion and obedience that corgis become wonderful animals of emotional support. They are always close to their master and are ready to lend him a helping hand at any time when needed.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers have compact energy and big, expressive eyes. This dog has a weight of around 8 pounds and is suitable for small spaces. These dogs are good at running so a bit of fun in the park is required. The Jack Russell Terrier is capable of lightening moods and keeping his or her handler out.

But this breed has certain characteristics that you better know in advance. First, Jack Russell can be quite aggressive towards other dogs, especially if you do not train and socialize your animal.

Secondly, this breed is prone to depression if the owner does not give the pup enough time and attention. To avoid it do exercise and spend as much time as possible with your pet. It will be helpful for both of you.

Other breeds


Obviously, there are many more breeds that can also be perfect emotional support dogs. For instance, it can be a Toy Poodle, Bichon Frise, Kerry Blue Terrier, or various mixed breeds. Pugs are also often chosen as emotional support animals. Pugs get along well with children, understand the mood and emotions of the owner, and just one look at their cute and funny faces can make you smile.

The choice of emotional support dog breed depends entirely on your preferences, needs, and capabilities. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose the best emotional support dog, which would suit absolutely everyone.

The main thing to remember is that emotional support animals, although designed to help the owner cope with mental disorders, they also need your attention and care. With the proper training, canine education, and care like regular obedience training, veterinarian visits, and grooming each animal will be grateful to you and give its love and support.