Can Dogs Eat Mackerel?


Dog owners who want the best diet for their dogs sometimes try to find alternative food options. Fish, like mackerel, is one of the choices they consider. This makes one wonder, “can dogs eat mackerel?” Many times the ingredient label of dog food indicates that it contains fish. However, this does not mean that your … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?


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Can Dogs Eat Truffle?


Can dogs eat truffle? The reason to ask this question is dogs’ pleasure to explore your home and taste all kinds of food products. While truffle may be more difficult to find in the average home, truffle oil is present on many kitchen counters. Your four-legged can have some of this delicious treat without your … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Takis?


Can dogs eat Takis you may wonder? Nothing beats relaxing with a cold drink and a bag of Takis! Less relaxing is the feeling of guilt when your dog is watching you indulge in some yummy snacks. And God forbid you to spill a few Takis on the floor! Your dog will be right there … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Hickory Nuts?


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Can Dogs Eat Jicama?


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Can Dogs Eat Horseradish?


We all know dogs would eat anything that falls under their noses. This is why you may end up asking yourself: can dogs eat horseradish? This spicy condiment is a favorite of humans due to its intense taste. You can experience its tangy flavor with your mouth, nose, and even your sinuses! But is it … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Coleslaw?


Can dogs eat coleslaw?  Many dogs really have a diet by the book. If you have a furry friend, you too have probably fed it with something more or less inappropriate. Dogs should ideally eat lots of proteins and fats with a small number of vegetables and grains. However, this rarely happens in reality as … Read more

Is Bone Broth Good for Dogs?


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Can Dogs Eat Plantain or Not?


Here is one of the common questions among dog owners – Can Dogs Eat Plantain or Not? The short answer is YES, but what matters is the way you give this fruit, the amount, what are the benefits of plantain, and how your dog can react if you overdo it with this fruit. Dog owners … Read more