Are Bearded Dragons A Good Option As Family Pets?

Want to pet Bearded Dragons but feel confused whether you should do it or not? Then read this article to clear all your doubts.

Bearded Dragons are quickly becoming one of the most popular pets available today. Because of their ease of care, longevity, and passive nature, this animal makes an excellent pet for anyone. When it comes to selecting from various species of reptiles, they are by far the most popular choice. 

Here are a few quick points to help you understand why bearded dragons make excellent pets. So, make sure to read to the end of this article to learn everything there is to know about them.

1. They Have A Calm And Peaceful Attitude

Bearded dragons make excellent pets because they are usually calm and friendly reptiles. They have a neutral personality and normally become calmer as they age.

Bearded dragons love human contact, which is not true of all pet reptiles. You can take your bearded dragon out of its glass tank and let it roam around your house while you supervise. You can even take it for a walk outside with the right leash!

2. They Have A Long Life Expectancy

Another reason that bearded dragons make excellent pets is their relatively long lifespan. You should be able to keep these little animals for a long time if you take proper care of them.

They can live for 8 to 15 years! This means you’ll have more time to play, connect, and enjoy each other’s company.

3. It’s Easy To Take Care Of Them

Bearded dragons are low-maintenance pets suitable for both children and adults. Caring for your bearded dragon is a simple and inexpensive task once you’ve created the right habitat environment for them, complete with appropriate heat and lighting conditions (such as a great UVB bulb).

An adult bearded dragon requires a 55-75-gallon tank with a secure screen top. You can keep an adolescent bearded dragon in smaller tanks, but sooner or later, they will outgrow them. 

Give your beardie a balanced diet and plenty of water.

These lizards eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, insects, and Superworms. So, finding food will never be a problem.

You can get hornworms in different online stores as well.

It is simple to keep your bearded dragon’s environment clean. All you have to do is spend a bit of time each day giving your lizard clean water, cleaning up any unwanted food, and cleaning away its droppings. 

A thorough cleaning of your reptile’s tank once a week will certainly assist it to stay happy and healthy. When compared to some of the other pets available, this one requires very little time.

4. They Are Also Really Intelligent 

Many prospective owners are unaware that these lizards are quite intelligent when they are shopping around. They can identify their owners and form strong bonds with them over time.

They can also learn something new by watching how other bearded dragon housings behave. You can even train your bearded dragon. You can train them to come when called, prepare for food/water, and even walk on a leash with some consistency and the right approach.

5. Bearded Dragons Can Express Their Feelings Too!

Bearded dragons may not express love in the same way that a cat or dog does, but they can certainly show compassion for their owners. Many people are surprised to discover this because they believe that reptiles cannot show affection or be nice (which is not true), but bearded dragons make excellent pets in this respect!

Beardies enjoy being warm, and it is not unusual for them to curl up into their owners’ chests or necks when they are taken out of their terrariums. Some will even take a nap while snuggled up with their owners and stay that way for hours at a time! 

Connecting with your lizard and getting to this point may take some time, but it will be worth it. Allow your bearded dragon time to settle into its new surroundings.

When you first enter the room, start talking or singing to your lizard. They’ll recognize your voice and realize you’re not a threat very quickly. They’ll inevitably begin to identify you with positive things like fun and food!

6. They Are Small Enough To Fit In A Small Space

Bearded dragons are medium-sized lizards, which is ideal for the majority of owners. They are tiny enough to keep in your household conveniently but large enough for small kids to easily manage.

Bearded dragons are also a good pet for any size of home. These reptiles will be a suitable pet for you whether you live in an apartment or a large house. From head to tail, bearded dragons can grow to be 12 to 24 inches long. 

Surprisingly, the lizard’s tail accounts for about one-third of its length. Males typically outgrow females. As adults, they aren’t particularly heavy (which makes snuggling easy).

7. They Are Reasonably Priced

Bearded dragons are relatively inexpensive to maintain when compared to other types of pets. Initially, you will need to invest in a suitable habitat for your lizard. Creating your bearded dragon’s habitat will cost you between $210 and $600 because you will need a thermometer, quality terrarium, and light source.

Once you’ve set up your bearded dragon’s terrarium, they’re a relatively low-maintenance pet. Many of the food products these lizards consume are cheap. You’ll also need substance for its terrarium, which is usually very inexpensive (sometimes even free).

Veterinary services regularly are just as essential for bearded dragons as they are for other pets like cats and dogs. You will have to take your lizard to a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles, but your cost will most likely be less than those of cat or dog owners.

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, numerous people enjoy keeping bearded dragons as pets. If you speak to bearded dragon owners, they would say they had never imagined having a pet reptile, but now they can’t imagine life without one!

These lizards are very easy to handle, intelligent, entertaining to play with, and can form strong bonds with their owners. So follow this article to clear all your confusion and get your beardie today! All the best!