Dog Bite Statistics in 2022 According to Breed


It could be a little tough to swallow that man’s best friend could pose a threat to someone you care about. Nevertheless, looking into dog bite statistics for the last few years paints a clear picture. A dog bite could be anything from a playful pinch to an aggressive unexpected attack that could lead to … Read more

Are Lawn Mushrooms Poisonous for Dogs?


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Can a Labrador be a Guard Dog?


Can a labrador be a guard dog? Many people select Labradors as pets for various reasons. They are loyal and loving dogs. All that Labs does is ensure everything it does is right for you. Ideally, it will do what you say because he loves you. Though this character may seem normal to you, it’s … Read more

Can Corgis Swim?


Corgis are one of the world’s favorite dog breeds. Their short-legged body and huge ears make easily them stand out from other breeds. With such a stature, one can’t help but wonder can corgis swim, or will they have issues in the water. Naturally, almost all dog breeds can swim. This activity is simply more … Read more

Do Shock Collars Hurt Dogs?


Do shock collars hurt dogs? Unfortunately, they do, shock collars hurt dogs physically and psychologically. They are unpleasant, painful, and frightening, and make them discomfort. In some countries, shock collars are banned as a negative impact on the welfare of dogs. Any changing natural behavior is already stressful for the dogs, and shock collars just … Read more

Can Dogs and Reptiles Live Together?


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Can Pitbulls Lock Their Jaws?


Can Pitbulls lock their jaws, and will this harm children many parents may ask. Pitbulls are among the dog breeds with the worst reputation. Many childcare experts say that Pitbulls don’t belong in homes with young children because they are dangerous. Pitbulls are controversial, to say the least, and their appearance doesn’t help them too … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mackerel?


Dog owners who want the best diet for their dogs sometimes try to find alternative food options. Fish, like mackerel, is one of the choices they consider. This makes one wonder, “can dogs eat mackerel?” Many times the ingredient label of dog food indicates that it contains fish. However, this does not mean that your … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?


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Can Dogs Eat Truffle?


Can dogs eat truffle? The reason to ask this question is dogs’ pleasure to explore your home and taste all kinds of food products. While truffle may be more difficult to find in the average home, truffle oil is present on many kitchen counters. Your four-legged can have some of this delicious treat without your … Read more