Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

No matter whether you are a dog person or a cat person, there is one thing you have to admit. There are several reasons why dogs are better than cats!

Cat lovers, don’t get angry! That is not to say felines are bad, there is an equal number of reasons why cats are great.

However, today we’ll explore why dogs are better than cats, just for fun. Let’s get started!

1. Dogs are hilarious!



study showed that most dog owners laugh more often than cat owners. This can be attributed to dogs being hilarious.

And it’s true – how many times have you started laughing like crazy because of your canine friend’s clumsiness? Dogs constantly find a way to make us smile, which is no surprise.

2. No litter boxes!

Even cat lovers aren’t a fan of cleaning litter boxes. No matter how well you scrub everything, there will always be that terrible lingering odor.

Not to mention litter falling all around your home! If you have a small house, no place is good enough for a litter box.

When you have a dog, there are no litter boxes! Sure, you can teach your small dog to use a place in a home to relieve himself, but why?

All dogs can be house-trained and they can even stick to an exact schedule. If you have a yard – even better! You will have to clean their poop but not pee, and the smells will remain outside.

3. Dogs make you new friends


Dogs are extremely friendly. They love the company so much that they will easily lead you to another human to interact with.

Having a dog is a great way for a shy person to meet new friends. By doing this, dogs will help you feel better about yourself.

Also, a dog will require walks, unlike cats. This can further help you get out of your house and meet new people. They will also give you a great excuse to come and talk to someone.

4. Dogs can adapt to change


Cats dislike change and like to remain in the same environment. They will often hate any new people that you bring in your home.

Let’s not even mention how bad they’ll take if you change houses! On the other hand, dogs are close to their owners and any other change isn’t important to them.

Of course, there are skittish and anxious dogs, but we’re talking in general.

If you are someone that loves change, you’ll know that this is why dogs are better than cats for you. The same goes if you plan on bringing in a new pet.

Usually, if the owner is okay with a new pet, dogs will be as well. Cats, on the other hand, are not as accepting of newcomers.

5. Dogs love to play!


Cats tend to be independent. They can play on their own and there is a limited amount of games you can do with them. One of the reasons why dogs are better than cats is how playful dogs are.

Not only that – they want you to play with them! You can play fetch, or an exciting tug-of-war. There is a ton of toys to make your game even better.

You can chase each other in the yard, or even in a house! And if your dog is good with other dogs, you can bring them a play-mate!

Do you feel embarrassed whenever you take your dog for a walk?

6. You can control your dog’s behavior

Once again, cats are independent. If they could talk, they’d probably laugh at your attempting to train her.

They go wherever they want to, jump on whatever they want to, and scratch whatever they want to.

Sure, dogs can cause a lot of destruction on their own, especially bigger ones. However, dogs can be crate trained, which will keep your home in one place when you’re not around.

When a dog is crate trained, he will consider his crate his little special place.

He’ll even love being inside of one! Try doing this with your cat, and you’re in for a tantrum. The same goes for raising your voice on your pets.

Dogs will understand most of your commands. Cats… They simply won’t care.

7. Dogs can be trained


If you love to brag with your pet’s intelligence, then you know this is why dogs are better than cats. Cats can be trained, but everyone knows that this isn’t the easiest task.

You simply can’t motivate a cat to do what she doesn’t want to do. On the opposite, cats will usually train us!

Dogs usually love training and big safe yards too! They look at it as a way to spend more time with you and doing tricks will give them purpose.

Also, dogs can easily be motivated by attention and food. If they know they’ll be awarded a treat, they’ll gladly do whatever you require.

Training a dog with specialized collars is also a good way to keep your dog entertained. A bored dog is a destructive dog, and no one would want that.

8. Dogs are better for people with allergies


If you are prone to having animal allergies, chances are you’re allergic to a cat. In fact, twice the amount of people is allergic to cats than dogs.

If you have kids, you should know why dogs are better than cats for sensitive people.

Most people who are allergic to pets are actually allergic to Fel d 1, a protein found on cat skin. This means that the fur isn’t the main culprit.

Dogs don’t have this protein. Sure, they have some allergens, but these don’t stay in the air as long. Also, there are no completely hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Some cats simply produce less of this protein than the others. On the other hand, there are hypoallergenic dog breeds, such as Bichon, Poodle, Schnauzer or West Highland Terrier.

9. Dogs can protect you

Cats aren’t home protectors. In fact, if an intruder comes in, cats are more likely to run and hide. Dogs are territorial and they will do all they can to protect their owners and their territory.

They’ll growl and bark to scare off any trespasser, and they might even attack if they feel threatened.

Keep in mind that, even though larger breeds are louder and look dangerous, smaller breeds are more protective.

They won’t be able to fight off the intruder, but they will let you know that there is any danger. A lot of people fear dogs, no matter their size. Sorry, cat owners, but defending a home isn’t a priority for felines.

10. Dogs can keep you fit


Dogs should be taken for a walk several times a day. Although some people walk their cats on harnesses, this isn’t common. Also, cats don’t require daily walks, as dogs do.

Canines love to exercise and they need to stay active. Even if you aren’t an active person, you’ll have to at least go and have a walk with your dog. This will make you get out of your house even if you’re not a fan of physical activities.

Also, you can include your dogs in your everyday fitness routine. Dogs will love running with you. Some might even learn to run next to your bike!

They will be able to participate in various dog sports, such as flyball, hiking, or diving. This will not only make your dog feel better, but it’ll also help you stay fit or lose weight.

11. Dogs are heroes

Even though there are cats that are known as heroes, this title more often belongs to a dog. Balto, Trakr, Laika… Most animals that have saved humans or did wonder for us were dogs.

That’s without even beginning to mention all those police dogs or service dogs. Dogs make their purpose in life to help their owner. This makes them heroes of the animal kingdom.

12. Dogs are more loyal


Although a lot of cat owners would disagree, dogs on average are more loyal to their humans than cats. There are numerous stories of dogs spending years waiting for their late owners to return.

This isn’t because cats are evil and don’t care about us. The reason behind this is much more complex, and it lies in evolution.

Dogs are pack animals. They consider humans to be their pack members and they will be confused when one member goes away.

Opposite of that, cats are more independent. They will love who they want to love and this will usually be just one person.

Also, they will show love in a way a lot of people don’t understand. Dogs seem to be more compassionate and they show their emotions in a similar way to humans.

13. Cats can give you toxoplasmosis


If you are planning on having kids, you have probably heard of toxoplasmosis. This dangerous parasite can be found in the feces of an outdoor cat.

Even though this is never a reason to get rid of your feline friend, this is why some people prefer dogs to be around their kids. Toxoplasmosis can’t be spread by dogs, and it’s strictly found in cat’s poop.

Keep in mind that toxoplasmosis can also be found in unwashed fruits and vegetables. Cats aren’t to blame for this parasite and you should never make your pet homeless.

However, if you want to remain 100% sure, you can always get yourself a dog.

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Bottom Line

This article isn’t to convince you who’s better, felines or canines. It is simply to count several reasons why dogs are better than cats and why some people appreciate having them. Both dogs and cats have been our loyal companions for years and we could never make a final verdict.