5 Reasons For Sleep With Your Dog 

Finding reasons to sleep with your dog is not a hard task – they are fluffy, cozy, and ridiculously cuddly.

While some owners don’t even let their dog lay on the couch, other dog owners share everything with their dog, including their bedtime.

It’s natural to wonder how to make proper boundaries with your pet, all while keeping a strong bond. Look no further because science has our back!

There are many reasons why sleeping next to your dog can be beneficial, and we are here to explore 5 of the most crucial ones.

Should You Sleep With Your Dog in Bed?


Owners who are concerned about this question often worry if sleeping next to their dog is sanitary in the first place.

The truth is somewhere in-between. Yes, your dog will likely bring bacteria and other potential allergens into your bed.

Because of that, we do not recommend sleeping next to your dog if you suffer from allergies.

Even if you have some other health issues, it’s not recommended to sleep close to a dog. This is because your immune system is already compromised and your ability to fight off potential diseases is lower. The same goes for your pet being sick – it’s best for both of you to sleep in separate beds in that case.

However, even exposure to allergens doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here’s how:

Reduce Allergies

Science has shown that infants who are exposed to their pet dogs are later found to have stronger immune systems. [1]

More precisely, it’s proven that infants who slept close to dogs are less likely to develop allergies later in life.

Constant exposure to low amounts of bacteria and viruses can teach your immune system to fight off potential diseases in the future.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep your dog as clean as possible. Keep their paws clean, always keep the dirt off, and throw in an occasional deep wash.

Reduce Depression

One of the reasons why we love having dogs is the abundance of love, joy, and happiness they provide.

When you get back home from a hard day at work, sometimes only seeing your dog can brighten up your whole day.

However, not many people know that your dog’s presence can improve your mood even while you sleep.

It’s proven that sleeping next to a dog can help those suffering from depression, anxiety, or similar mental health problems. This is because it helps us release chemicals (like oxytocin) that have antidepressant qualities.

Helps PTSD

Those suffering from PTSD know how easy it is for something to trigger their symptoms. This can happen when they’re going to sleep, or even having a nightmare.

Luckily, dogs evoke happy feelings, and most owners feel very safe in their presence.

Just cuddling your dog while drifting off to sleep can have a major impact on your sleep quality and relaxation levels.

Science has shown it’s recommended to sleep next to your dog if you suffering from PTSD. [2]

Bonding Experience

For you, it may just be regular cuddling, but for your dog, it’s a real bonding experience. Dogs are creatures that are able to feel what we feel, and they especially are able to sense our needs.

On the other hand, it may be hard for us to see if our dog’s needs are met. Most of us are stuck in a hustle culture and living very busy lives.

And while cuddling your dog when you get back from work is enough for you, it may not be for your dog. Actually, most dogs have separation anxiety and are suffering on a daily.

That’s why sleeping next to your dog is a perfect way to increase bonding time with your pet.

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A dog’s sleeping cycle is not the same as the human one. Most dogs have their ‘on alert’ switch on at all times, which is what makes them perfect protectors.

When a dog sleeps next to you, you will certainly be protected against all intruders.

Not only that but there’s a study proving that women felt more secure while sleeping next to a dog. [3]

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Most of us dog lovers don’t even need the reasons to sleep next to our dogs – we just want to know it’s sanitary! However, these 5 reasons to sleep with your dog show just how many amazing & unexpected benefits sleeping next to a dog can bring. We hope that we enlightened you about this topic and that you feel inspired to share these tips with other dog owners.

“Aaron at Snooze EZ” says anxiety and stress can be reduced by sleeping with a dog.