How to Breed Pomsky Puppies?

Pomskies are one of the cutest dog breeds out there! They are tiny, temperamental, and fluffy, making them completely adorable. If you want to learn how to breed Pomsky puppies, you’re in the right spot!

Pomsky is a designer breed that loves to be in the centre of attention. There isn’t a dog lover who doesn’t fall in love with them the moment he sees them!

However, knowing how to breed Pomsky dogs the right way isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you want to see why this is, keep reading below.

Breed Information

As its name suggests, Pomsky is the crossbreed of the Pomeranian and Husky. The breed is also known under the name ‘Pomeranian Husky.’ These two breeds seem to be nothing alike, but their mixture is genuinely irresistible.

Learn How To Breed Pomsky Puppies And Get To Know This Breed A Bit More


This is a small to medium dog breed, as Pomskies rarely grow to be taller than 15 inches.

Their average weight is between 20 and 30 pounds, and most Pomskies live up to 15 years. However, there really isn’t a guarantee of how big your Pomsky can be.

They are easily distinguishable by their long fur, with Husky-like markings. They come in various colors, such as:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • White

Still, Pomskies don’t have a ‘standard’ appearance. Some may look like miniature Huskies, while others will appear almost entirely like Pomeranians.

Pomskies are highly intelligent dogs. However, they are very stubborn and strong-willed, and dealing with their temperament can be a challenge.

They are very protective of their owners and home while being rather loyal and affectionate. If you get yourself a Pomsky pup, you’ll need to make sure he gets enough daily activity.

Pomskies are a playful, energetic breed that rarely fears anything.

They love spending time with their owners or other dogs, and they will be sad if left alone frequently.

Unlike their Husky ancestors, Pomskies are rather loud, and they will bark whenever they need something. They shed a lot, so expect to spend a lot of time grooming them.

Due to their small size, they are apartment-friendly and don’t require a lot of space. Keep in mind, though, that they have a high prey drive, and they love chewing things!

Also, Pomskies love water, and they won’t mind if the weather is cold – quite the opposite, they’ll enjoy it!

What Characteristics Did Pomskies Get from Their Ancestors?

At first glance, you can quickly notice which physical characteristics Pomskies got from which’ parents.’ They are the size of Pomeranian, with their thick, fluffy fur, but with Husky markings.

In fact, Pomskies might even look like overgrown Husky puppies! They look like an adorable mix of both races. Many people can’t get a Husky, as he requires a lot of space.

There are no such issues with Pomskies, as they can be considered apartment-friendly Huskies.

When it comes to their temperament, you can notice behavior patterns from both Huskies and Pomeranians.

Like their Siberian husky ancestors, they love cold, and they will enjoy playing in the snow. They are loyal, and they can’t stay alone for an extended period of time, as they’ll have separation anxiety.

Pomsky’s high prey drive originates from Huskies, as well, and they will chase most small animals they notice.

However, just like Pomeranians, Pomskies are rather mischievous and stubborn. They will do their best to get whatever they want. Also, they are very vocal, and they’ll tend to bark a lot.

Pomskies are very protective, as well, and they will require proper socialization from their puppyhood. Otherwise, they might not know how to behave around unknown people and animals.

Are Pomskies Easy to Train?


Another thing that anyone should learn before understanding how to breed Pomsky puppies is how easy they are to train. As we’ve already mentioned, Pomskies are a very intelligent dog breed.

By default, this should mean they are easy to train, but it isn’t so. In fact, Pomsky will use his intelligence to find a way to do what he wants.

If you’re going to train Pomskies properly, you need to have a lot of patience.

If you persist, you will have a very well-behaved dog. However, if you allow him to notice that you have a weak spot, it’s like taking ten steps back!

You have to learn your Pomsky who is the smarter one, and this may be more difficult than it seems.

Are Pomskies Good With Children And Other Pets?


When it comes to their temperament, Pomskies are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’ll get! This is why it’s tough to tell whether they are good with children or not.

Many breeders would argue that Pomskies are great family pets. They are small, loving, and affectionate, and they will do everything they can to protect you and your kids.

Others, however, would tell you never to introduce Pomskies to your kids. They are temperamental, and even though they love to play, kids can easily scare them.

If this happens, they might even nip, and that is never a good thing! Not to mention, Pomskies, just like their Pomeranian’ parents,’ tend to get jealous very quickly.

If they think you are giving your kid too much attention, they will try to jump between you.

All in all, if you want to make sure your Pomsky is well-behaved around kids, you need to train him.

Socialization is very important, as well, as dogs that are used to children from their puppyhood will rarely be aggressive.

Also, make sure to teach your children how to behave around dogs. They should never hit a dog or pull his ears and tail. Kids shouldn’t scream at a dog, as this can make him nervous and skittish.

Not to mention children can accidentally hurt small dogs, such as Pomskies!

If your child knows where the boundaries are, Pomskies are more likely to stay friendly.

Breed History

Pomskies are a breed so young that we can say the first Pomsky wasn’t really considered to be a Pomsky. In fact, the breed owes its existence to an internet joke.

In 2011, Buzzfeed published a blog that featured an image of what they claimed to be a Husky-Pomeranian mix. The puppies in question were, in fact, of Finnish Lapphund breed.

However, the internet went crazy, and people started demanding a crossbreed of Huskies and Pomeranians. This is how breeders got the idea to make these wishes come true.

Soon after, the first ‘official’ Pomskies were bred.

Keep in mind that the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize Pomskies as a real dog breed. This is likely because the race is very young, and the proper characteristics are yet to be determined.

For the American Kennel Club to register a breed, consistent features need to be present. With Pomskies, this still isn’t the case, as their size and appearance are still unpredictable.

When a Pomsky puppy is born, most of its future features are unknown, and this includes:

  • Their size
  • Their color pattern
  • The full length of its fur
  • Their temperament

However, there is an International Pomsky Association, which certifies certain breeders.

If the association registers a particular Pomsky breeder, his puppies met the association’s high health, appearance, and temperament standards.

Because the breed is so young, the exact characteristics aren’t yet fully known. All Pomsky owners are pioneers of a sort, as they are among the first people to own this designer breed.

Also, as this breed has gathered a huge number of fans quickly, many animal lovers are concerned. No one still knows the possible genetic defects this breed might have.

Some people are afraid that their sudden popularity will soon result in the abandonment of many unwanted puppies.

Do you feel embarrassed whenever you take your dog for a walk?

Creation of Pomskies – How to Breed Pomsky


Now that you know the most important breed characteristics, you can learn how to breed Pomsky puppies.

Breeding designer dogs isn’t as easy as it seems, and it requires a lot of precision and knowledge.

Usually, breeding is done with a male Pomeranian and a female Husky. This is because carrying medium-sized puppies can be very dangerous for a smaller mother dog.

As there is a significant size difference between a Siberian husky and Pomeranian, natural breeding is dangerous. Since mating isn’t a safe option, breeders have to use alternatives.

They usually do artificial insemination, as it is one of the safest methods out there.

The first step is taking the semen of a male Pomeranian. This is very tricky, and not many breeders know how to do this.

Because of that, they will commonly leave this step to a certified veterinarian.

After this semen process, the breeder should insert the semen inside a female’s reproductive tract.

To complete this process, you have to understand Husky’s ovulation cycle. The best moment for insemination is about four days before the beginning of the heat.

Compared to taking semen from a male, this is a fairly easy step. However, experts recommend a vet should do this, as well. Otherwise, the breeder might hurt their Husky.

Also, the vet should insert the semen right away instead of waiting. The only other option is to keep the semen frozen. If you are late with insemination, the breeding likely won’t be a success.

Should You Breed Two Pomskies Together?


As of right now, you shouldn’t breed two Pomskies together. Sure, theoretically, this can be done, but it really shouldn’t happen. Why is this?

In a way, Pomskies are half-Huskies, half-Pomeranians. There hasn’t been enough time for experts to research their genetics thoroughly.

Theoretically, there is no way to predict the size of the puppies you’ll get. If we consider statistics, chances are 50% that a puppy from two Pomsky parents can be medium to large size.

This isn’t looking good for the mother, who may end up with too big puppies. If this happens, a cesarean section is necessary, and the mother might even pass.

This is why breeding two Pomskies together is considered unethical.

It is a lot less risky to breed a Pomsky with a Pomeranian breed. However, this would likely result in the loss of husky traits.

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Bottom Line

Only a few people know how to breed Pomsky dogs the right way. This breed is about a decade old, which is why it’s still considered a mystery.

While many oppose breeding designer dogs, others think this is cute and see nothing wrong with it. No matter what the truth is, Pomskies have taken over the internet like a storm.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as the breed originated from an internet meme.

Amateurs should never attempt to breed their dogs, especially if they want to try crossbreeding. Natural mating of two different-sized dogs is dangerous, and artificial insemination requires skills.

If you plan on buying a Pomsky puppy, make sure the International Pomsky Association certifies the breeder.

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