Can Chihuahuas Eat Eggs?

Since these little toy-breed dogs tend to follow their owner around, it’s hard to escape their “hunger-stare.” However, if giving your Chihuahua food from your plate is a frequent occurrence, make sure the food you are offering is healthy for him. So can chihuahuas eat eggs?

Chihuahuas have a very low tolerance for chemicals. They do well with the right balance of protein, healthy fats, and essential carbs.

They can be sensitive to what they eat, how often, and to what manner food is given.

Whether it’s mealtime or snack time, the food you choose for your Chihuahua will directly affect their health status.

The next time eggs are on the menu, make sure you know what, how, and how much. Here is the perfect guide on feeding eggs to your Chihuahua.

Can Chihuahuas Eat Eggs At All?



Not all Chihuahuas are the same when it comes to their digestive system and food preferences.

Therefore, you may want to experiment to see what type of food your pup enjoys and tolerates the best.

The short answer is yes. But whether your Chihuahua will enjoy them or have room for them in their tiny body is another question. Nevertheless, eggs can be just as healthy for your Chi like they are for you.

Before, dogs used to find and eat eggs in the wild, including the shell. All dogs, including your Chihuahua, have the intuitive ability to know what is good for them.

If your Chihuahua seems fussy at the sight of an egg, it does necessarily mean it’s bad for him. Chihuahuas often only eat the amount they require.

Usually, small, frequent meals are best for Chihuahuas, depending on their age.

They do not need as much food compared to their humans. So it is best to introduce new food to your Chihuahua when you know they are not full from a previous meal. Keep this in mind when introducing eggs to your Chihuahua.

How Can Eggs Benefit Your Chihuahua?


Before kibble was developed, the nutrient compositions found in eggs resembled dogs’ natural diets.

Many Chihuahua owners keep their pup on a strict kibble diet. Even though Chihuahuas do well on such a diet, it won’t hurt to mix things up from time to time.

And a great way to do so is by introducing eggs to your Chihuahua’s diet. There are many reasons why feeding your chihuahua eggs can benefit their health.

There is a high protein proportion (6,3g) and fats (4,8g) found in eggs. Both protein and fats are essential for Chihuahuas. Protein helps with growth, especially in puppies, and fats supply most of the Chihuahua’s energy needs.

Vitamins are also crucial for your Chihuahua, and an excellent place to find them is in eggs! Eggs are a good source of the following vitamins.

  • Vitamin A – improves vision and healthy skin.
  • Vitamin D – regulates calcium and improves bone and joint health.
  • Riboflavin – turns fat into energy and keeps skin healthy.
  • Pantothenic acid – creates energy at the cellular level.
  • Pyridoxine – used in metabolic processes.
  • Vit B12 – produces red blood cells.

Minerals found in eggs are also great for your Chihuahua. Here are some minerals you can expect in eggs.

  • Calcium – contributes to healthy bones and is good for the nervous system; puppies especially need a lot of calcium.
  • Iron – distributes oxygen to organs and muscles.
  • Phosphorus – works in tandem with calcium.
  • Selenium – helps prevent cell damage.

Besides eggs being excellent for your Chihuahua due to the nutrients they hold, eggs taste good as well. There is no doubt that your Chihuahua will adapt fast to the diet change when you decide to feed them eggs frequently. [1]

Can Chihuahuas Eat Eggs Everyday?

Eggs are very nutritious for both humans and dogs! However, just like everything else in life, balance is key. So if you plan to give your Chihuahua eggs, then one or two small eggs per week are enough. Feeding your Chihuahuas too many eggs a week can lead to weight gain and unpleasant gas.

Can Chihuahuas Eat Eggs When Sick Or Recovering?


If your Chihuahua is ill or recovering from a sickness, an extra boost can be useful. In most cases, a sickness can affect their appetite, and therefore they will have to kick-start eating again.

Eggs are ideal for feeding a sick or recovering dog as they are nutritious and easy to digest. Since most dogs, including Chihihasus, enjoy eating eggs, providing them eggs during sickness won’t be such a struggle.

In the case that your Chihuahua has anemia, eggs are an excellent choice! Dogs with anemia have too few red blood cells and little iron and Vit B9. [2]

Egg yolk is rich in both iron and Vit B9 and consequently an excellent choice for an anaemic-Chihuahua.  Dogs with heart problems and conditions that cause protein loss can also benefit from eating eggs regularly.

Furthermore, eggs can be great for older Chihuahuas and those with chronic conditions like heart failure or cancer. Situations like these tend to cause weight loss in dogs and loss of lean body mass (muscle). The extra calories and protein provided by eggs can be ideal for Chihuahuas in these conditions.

So remember, next time your dog is sick and refusing to eat, eggs can save the day. This food is nutritious, easy to digest, and most likely, something your  Chi loves eating.

When Are Eggs Bad For Chihuahuas?


Many Chihuahuas love to eat eggs, but some can be allergic. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell whether your Chi has allergies beforehand.

The best way to know whether YOUR Chihuahua can eat eggs without developing problems is to introduce eggs gradually.

Give your Chihuahua egg in small amounts for a week or two without introducing other new foods. If he does not develop any signs of food allergy, then eggs are most likely fine for him to eat. [3]

Signs of food allergies can include itching, digestive issues, breathing problems, and more. If you notice signs of an allergic reaction, report to your vet immediately!

Chihuahuas and other dogs can develop food allergies at any time in their life. Their body might be responding differently to protein-rich food, like eggs, meat, etc., during different periods of their life. If your Chihuahua seems to be allergic to eggs, the best thing to do is remove it from his diet.

Can Chihuahuas Eat Eggs That Are Raw Eggs?



There is a debate around whether raw eggs are good for dogs or not. So if you plan to give your Chihuahua raw eggs, make sure you understand the risks involved.

Yes, animals in the wild, including dogs many years ago, were used to digesting raw eggs.

Today, dog owners might want to feed their dogs raw eggs because a raw egg’s nutrition value is much higher. Some even advise giving a dog raw eggs to help with itchy skin.

However, sometimes the risks involved are not worth it.

Raw Eggs Can Cause Salmonella

Just like humans, your little Chihuahua is also at risk of contracting Salmonella from raw eggs. Chances maybe 1 in 20 000/10 000, but the risk is still there.

Therefore, it is always best to cook eggs until both yolks and whites are firm.

Developing Biotin Deficiency

If a Chihuahua takes in too many raw egg whites over time, it can lead to biotin deficiency. Uncooked egg whites contain an enzyme that ties up biotin and prevents absorption of biotin into their body. By feeding raw egg whites to your pup, you can rob your Chihuahua of healthy skin, digestion, metabolism, and cells.

Side effects from raw eggs are rare, but it’s better to cook the egg before feeding it to your Chihuahua.

How To Cook Eggs For Chihuahuas?


Cooking eggs for your Chihuahua is easy as no seasoning is needed. Certain things like garlic, chives, and onions are marked as toxic for your dog, so keep it simple!

When cooking eggs for your Chi, make sure they are fresh and without chemicals. By cooking the egg thoroughly, you can be confident that any harmful bacteria has been mitigated.

Hard-Boiled Eggs For Chihuahuas

The quickest and easiest method to prepare eggs for your Chihuahua is hard-boiled. By boiling an egg for 9 to 10 minutes, you can quickly have a great snack ready for your pup in no time.

While dogs are known to eat a hard-boiled egg with shell and all, for Chihuahuas this is not recommended.

Because these dogs are small, there is a risk of choking or gastrointestinal issues. Larger dogs can easily consume an egg together with the shell but not Chihuahuas.

If you want your Chi to benefit from the nutrients in the shell, make sure to crush or blend the shell before feeding.

Scrambled Eggs for Chihuahuas

Another easy way to prepare an egg for your Chihuahua is by scrambling it. While again, no seasoning is needed for scrambled eggs, one can get a bit more creative.

Consider adding some meat or fish with the eggs for a more substantial meal.

Whether your Chihuahua prefers poached, fried, scrambled, or hard-boiled, it doesn’t matter as long as seasoning and oil are kept to the minimum.

One can even add eggs to warm oatmeal or to enhance a kibble meal.

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Bottom Line

So there you have it, if you were wondering “can Chihuahuas eat eggs?” the answer is – YES!

There is no doubt that eggs are a great way to add nutrients to these smart dog’s diet. Your Chi might even love the new taste.

The key is to keep it moderate and be on the lookout for allergic reactions. In any case, it is always better to discuss the food choices for your pup with the veterinarian.

But next time your little Chihuahua is staring your eggs out of your mouth, why not boil him his own seasoning-free, nutritious meal.