Best Dog Leash for Hiking in 2022 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Purchasing a good quality dog leash for everyday walks is simple, but finding the best dog leash for hiking can be challenging. Why?

Because it can be rather difficult to find a leash that’s sturdy enough to keep your dog close to you. On the other hand, the leash also needs to be comfortable so that your pet isn’t in pain. Dogs love being active, and hiking with them doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you need to do is find a good-quality, sturdy leash for hiking and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your pet. 

Of course, hiking or camping with dogs does require an excellent dog camping gear. Whether you’re searching for a hands-free dog leash or a retractable one, your choice needs to be safe for the dog.

Steep hiking trails can be dangerous, and dogs tend to become overly hyperactive when they’re happy. That’s why having a sturdy yet comfortable leash can be of big help for your doggo’s safety. How to choose the best one? 

We will offer the best five products that you can choose from, depending on your dog’s size, as well as your needs and budget.

Our top pick needs to be LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Training, Hiking. The quality of this product is excellent and compared to its price, you really get bang for your buck.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks

Budget pick: Hi Kiss Dog/Puppy Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead

Premium pick: Pet Dreamland Hands Free Double Dog Leash

Best value for money: LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Training, Hiking

Best Dog Leash for Hiking : Round Up Review


Here’s which leashes to purchase to make sure your dog is safe while hiking with you!


  • The leash has a variety of choices when it comes to the way you want to use it.
  • Both the material and the stitching of the leash are durable and high-quality, as well as the metal clips.
  • The waist pouch is detachable and can be very practical for the necessary items you want to bring.


  • The pouch may move around the waist belt while you’re running.
  • The design may not be everyone’s cup of tea because it is a bit bulky.
  • The clips of the leash don’t have the “lock” function.

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The reason why this is the best leash for hiking with a dog is the convenience you have while using it. You’ll notice that the design of this product is complex. That’s why it contains a lot of useful features that will make your hiking with dogs much more enjoyable and practical. 

Other than the really durable, high-quality nylon leash, it also comes with a convenient waist pouch. This will allow you to bring everything you need with you in only one place.

The pouch is big enough to fit your phone, wallet, wipes, poop bags, and anything else you’ll need while on the go. You can even easily remove it if it’s not needed.

When it comes to the leash, it’s very flexible and expandable to up to 69 inches. Your dog will have the freedom of hiking in front of you or by your side.

Another useful feature is that this dog leash can be used hands-free as well as with handles. The waist belt is comfortable, soft, and wide enough not to leave bruises or create muscle pain even if your pet is large. The leash is equipped with two handles. One of them is higher on the leash for a more comfortable walk while the other one is closer to the collar for better control.


  • The price is very affordable.
  • The reflective stitching helps a lot when going out with your dog during the night.
  • Dual bungee leash helps with shock absorption and prevents any back pain.


  • It doesn’t come with a waist pouch.
  • The waist belt doesn’t have padding.
  • It only comes in one color combo.

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The second product on our list of “best dog leash for hiking” is this simple yet durable UPPETLY leash. If your doggo has up to 150 lbs, this leash is the right choice.

Its durable and flexible material will make jogging, walking, and hiking with your pet enjoyable and fun. You won’t have to worry about back pains.

The waist belt is comfortable and shock absorbing. This means that any outdoor activity will be safe for both you and your dog. The belt is adjustable and can comfortably fit any waist from 27 to 50 inches. 

Are you someone who likes to take the dog for a walk during the night? Then you’ll appreciate the reflective stitching of the leash that will be visible in the dark. This is a very convenient feature safety-wise if you live in a busy area with a lot of traffic. 

You’ll love the convenience that this best hands-free dog leash for hiking offers. However, if you find yourself in need of the handle to control your dog, this leash has two of them. One handle is closer to the waist while the other one is closer to the dog’s collar. The leash can expand to up to 70 inches, and the clasps are made of high-quality steel.


  • The design of the leash is very elegant.
  • The belt buckle is super-durable.
  • Shine Hai leash features strong cross-stitching.


  • The belt won’t fit you if your waist is wider than 43 inches.
  • The bungees may be too flexible if you’re training your dog.
  • The belt can be slightly stiff in the beginning.

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Another hands-free, durable leash that will offer you and your pet comfortable and active outdoor fun. Shine Hai dog leash offers the convenience and safety that every dog owner is looking for.

Hiking with dogs can be a lot of fun, but only if you have a durable yet flexible dog leash. The Shine Hai leash can expand to up to 82 inches. This means that your pet will have enough freedom while running, walking, and hiking with you. 

This one will also be the best dog leash for hiking if your pet has up to 150 lbs. Also, you can even use it as a regular leash for two dogs.

The metal clasps on both sides are very sturdy and can withstand the energy of your dog. This product also has reflective material that will keep you visible during the night. Other than that, you can have peace of mind knowing that dual bungees will keep your neck and back injury-free.

Two handles that the Shine Hai leash also features will enable more control. This is useful in busy areas with a lot of traffic.

Another scenario where the handles can be useful is if your dog has a tendency to follow other dogs.


  • This dog leash has the simplest design that’s very practical.
  • The price is super-affordable.
  • Bright colors and lightweight make this leash safe and easy to use.



  • The leash isn’t hands-free.
  • It doesn’t come with a pouch.
  • The material isn’t reflective.

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Looking for a leash that will mainly be used for training your dog but can also be of great use while hiking? If your answer is yes, this affordable product from Hi Kiss is the ideal choice for you!

Other than offering a variety of colors and lengths to choose from, the design of the leash is very simple.

It is suitable for medium and large dogs, which means that it’s very sturdy. The length will offer your dog the freedom to move and run in front of you. However, thanks to the durable handle, you’ll be able to control the pet if he/she starts straying from the path. 

Thanks to the high-quality nylon material of the leash, it will be able to withstand large and strong dogs. You won’t have to worry about the leash ripping because this material is very durable.

Also, the bolt snap is sturdy and will stay in its place during the outdoor activities. 

The bright colors that the leash comes in are very visible for added safety. The design is tangle-free, which will make both the use and the storage a piece of cake. Even if your doggo happens to enter the water with it, the leash will float because it’s light-weight.


  • This product is a double dog leash.
  • The handles are padded and comfortable to use.
  • The 360-degree swivel splitter offers your dogs the freedom without tangling the leashes.


  • The belt isn’t padded.
  • The clasps are made of plastic.
  • It isn’t possible to separate the leashes.

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This premium dog leash is included in our list of the best dog leash for hiking for more than one reason! This one is an ideal choice if you own two dogs but still want to enjoy the convenience of a hands-free leash.

The price of the product is justified by the very high quality of material, design, practicality, and ease of use. The leash comes in four color combinations and in two sizes. You can either choose the leash that’s suitable for two small (35 lbs each) or two large dogs (150 lbs each).

Other than being durable and high-quality, this double dog leash is also tangle-free. The strong swivel splitter that connects two leashes can rotate the full 360 degrees.

The clasps are also super-resistant, which is ideal for large and strong dogs. The waist belt is comfortable, and it protects your back from injuries caused by pulling. The bungees add peace of mind when it comes to your and your dogs’ comfort and safety. 

If you want to invest in a high-quality leash for walks, jogging, and hiking, Pet Dreamland should be your choice.

Even though it is a hands-free leash, it also features three padded handles for better control. The stitching of the leash is reflective so that it’s visible when there’s less light.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is having dog camping gear important?

Absolutely! If you want to enjoy camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity with your pet, you need to make sure your dog is safe. The best thing to do is to provide him/her with all of the necessary gear. This will make the adventure both safe and fun for everybody.

The right dog leash is one of the things you’ll need to get before going hiking with your pet. Besides that, make sure to bring the first aid kit, dog bed for camping, cooling west, etc. Also, bring anything else that you may find useful, such as dog toys, treats, and similar.

How do you stop a dog pulling on the lead?

One of the ways that you can train your dog to stop pulling the leash is to use the handles to control it. Even though your dog leash may be hands-free, it will still feature a couple of handles for that purpose.

You can pull the handle a bit when your dog starts pulling too strongly. Make sure to give the pet the awards when it listens to you.

Do harnesses stop dogs pulling?

You can purchase the anti-pull harnesses that will control the dog and prevent him/her from pulling the leash. This product will teach them how to stop pulling as time passes.

Why do dogs pull on leash?

Dogs pull on the leash when something attracts their attention, and they want to run in that direction immediately. They simply do it because they think that you should follow them.

If you don’t train them to stop doing it, they will continue pulling as long as it gets them when they want to go.

Bottom line

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide on dog leashes helpful. Compare the features of each leash from the list to your dog’s weight, habits, and preferences. The right leash will offer you peace of mind and more freedom for your dog to enjoy your hiking adventures!