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Best Dog Crate for Pitbull (Reviewed & Compared) in 2021

If you own a puppy, or even an adult, energetic dog, you know the struggle. You come back from work, just to find your house in a complete mess! And if you have an active dog breed such as Pitbull, you will find yourself in more trouble than most. This is why it’s important to have a place where your dogs can be safe and calm. But what is the best dog crate for Pitbull?

IN A HURRY ? Here is our top picks!

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What to Look For in a Crate?

A crate is a challenge that most Pitbulls won’t like at first.

They will do their best to try to break free by chewing it up or finding a way to open it.

This is the main reason why a weak kennel is a big no-no.

Here are some features that the dog kennel must have to be considered the best dog crate for Pitbull.


When it comes to a dog’s crate, there must be a balance between not enough space and too much space.

Your Pitbull must be able to stand, turn around and overall be comfortable.

If dogs can’t do that, they will become anxious and unhappy.

On the other side, if there is unnecessary space, your canine friend won’t remain calm.

Of course, finding the best crate for a Pitbull puppy can be difficult. Luckily, there are many cheap crates of various sizes.


That way it won’t be too expensive to buy a bigger one once your puppy grows in size.

Keep in mind that you will have to keep the kennel clean! Make sure that, no matter the size, you can reach every corner of the crate.

Durable Material

Today, pet companies build crates from several materials – mostly plastic, aluminum, and steel.

Each has its own pros and cons, so you should make a choice based upon your dog’s preferences and habits.

Plastic usually isn’t enough to contain an adult Pitbull.

For stronger dogs, I would always recommend finding a crate with galvanized steel walls.

However, not all Pitbulls are the same. [1]

Some dogs are calmer and won’t try to break free, no matter the circumstances.

Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would never risk my dog breaking free during a panic attack caused by thunder.

On the other side, plastic crates are great for traveling, so you should consider having one as a back-up

Inaccessible Latches


Pitbulls are intelligent dogs. Every Pitbull owner is proud of this fact.

However, this trait can cause a lot of problems for a dog’s owner.

I have seen multiple times Pitbulls opening the crate’s door with no trouble at all!

This is why I would always advise buying a slam latch. This way, it is almost impossible for your dog to open it.


The best crate for Pitbulls has to have good ventilation to provide a proper oxygen flow.

This is a big deal, as small crates with not enough holes can make your dogs claustrophobic and anxious.

At the same time, stagnant air causes mold and bacterial growth, which can cause health problems for your dog.

Most heavy-duty crates are made of wired metal, so this usually isn’t a problem.

However, if you opt for a plastic crate, be sure that it has a lot of big holes.

This way you will provide enough fresh air for your puppy’s comfort.

Best Dog Crates for Pitbull – Top 5 List

Above we have counted the most important things you have to consider when choosing the right kennel.

After testing several brands and kennel types, we have found our favorites.

Below is the list of our choices for the best dog crate for Pitbulls, in no particular order.

1. Pro Select Empire Single Door Steel Dog Cage


  • Heavy-duty bars that can withstand even the hardest chewing
  • Adjustable wheels that help increase the mobility of the crate
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Locks are a weak spot and can break fairly easily due to being rather thin
  • Isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some other kennels

Chewy Price

This heavy-duty crate is one of the world’s strongest dog cages.

This is the reason why it has a nickname of being an “Alcatraz of Dog Cages”… take that as you’d like.

It features steel tubing, which makes it as strong as it is.

The latches are stout and dual, so there is no way that your Pitbull will find a way out.

Sadly, the locks are still the weaker point, as they are constructed from thinner steel than the rest of the crate.

At the same time, the crate has welding at stress points.

Even the strongest dog can’t break it!

Another good thing is, the crate has four removable locking casters.

This way, you can easily move your cage around, or even use it for traveling.

It is made for bigger dogs and it comes in two sizes (M and L). Also, as the crate is completely open, it can be a good choice for dogs who suffer from anxiety.

2. MidWest iCrate


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Fold and carry configuration which is perfect for traveling
  • Replaceable leak-proof dog tray that helps you with cleaning
  • Affordable


  • Not as strong as some other similar crates; stronger dogs won’t have a problem breaking free
  • Doesn’t come with wheels
  • It has the plastic tray which isn’t as strong as metal ones

Chewy Price

The full name of this product is MidWest iCrate Single Door Fold and Carry Dog Crate.

Yeah, that’s a mouthful. However, the name explains exactly what this crate is.

It is foldable and you can construct it fairly easily, without using any tools.

This is a great advantage for any dog owner who loves to travel with their canine pet.

At the same time, the crate has a plastic handle so you can carry your pup around. I wouldn’t recommend that option for adult dogs, though.

They are heavy enough on their own.

The crate has great ventilation and it comes with almost any piece of equipment you can think of.

It has a composite plastic pan for cleanup, safety slide bolt latches and a free divider panel.

If you are having a puppy that yet has some growing up to do, this may be a good option.

3. EliteField 2-Door Folding Dog Crate


  • Very durable and easy to assemble
  • Affordable price
  • Double door design adds on the flexibility of placement


  • Not made for stronger, untrained dogs

Amazon Price

This dog kennel is considered by some to be the best dog crate for Pitbulls.

It is strong and pleasing to the eyes thanks to the black epoxy coating.

The epoxy layer is also preventing rust from appearing, which adds to the durability factor.

It can fold up, almost like a suitcase, and you don’t need any tools to assemble or disassemble it.

Another thing that helps the portability is the plastic handle.

The plastic bottom is removable, so dog owners can clean it easily if your pup makes an accident.

The two-doors feature is a nice addition.

This way you can easily approach your dog or place the crate wherever you’d like.

However, the manufacturer himself states that this crate is made for well-trained dogs.

It means that if you have a hyperactive puppy or a stubborn adult, this crate may not be for you.

The feature that I like the best are the rounded cage edges.

This helps your puppy from hurting itself, and it also makes for a prettier design.

4. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage


  • Budget-friendly
  • Rolling and locking wheels that make the crate portable
  • Can hold even the strongest dogs


  • The design is average, so it most likely won’t look nice with your furniture
  • It’s not the easiest model to assemble

Amazon Price

This crate is a good option to consider if you want a more luxurious kennel, but don’t have that much money.

It’s not as expensive as, for example, the ProSelect or Daonanba one, but it’s still more costly than most brands.

It’s tough and durable, even for a strong dog such as Pitbull.

The crate comes in various sizes, but I would recommend buying Medium to Large one.

Anything smaller than that is only good if you have a puppy.

Bigger crates will still allow your average-sized Pitbulls to run around, and you don’t want that.

The 20 gauge steel construction is a rarity for crates this cheap.

The two-door design helps you place the cage wherever you’d like. It also has lockable wheels that can help you move the crate around.

The pan is easily removable, so you can clean everything up with ease.

5. Daonanba Outdoor Cage


  • Strong and durable
  • Spacious, well ventilated
  • Provides extra safety thanks to the lockable latch system


  • Expensive
  • The bottom tray isn’t removable, so the cleaning process isn’t easy
  • Not portable

Amazon Price

Not all crates are made for indoors. If you are among the owners who like to keep their dogs outside, you should consider buying this crate.

Even if you have a closed garden, you should still keep your active Pitbull safe.

This cage is good for various things, such as training, playing, exercising, or simply to keep your pet safe.

It’s spacious, so your dog will have enough place to play around without hurting himself.

At the same time, it has great ventilation, as is required from an outdoor cage.

This kennel has a heavy-duty construction, so it will last you for a long time.

The thick steel will prevent any dog from chewing through it. The door has a latch system so it won’t open easily.

Another good thing is, despite its heavyweight, the cage is easy to assemble.

How Do Pitbulls Escape from Their Crate?


Now that we have counted all our favorites, this is the final thing you should consider before making a choice.

To find the best dog crate for Pitbull, you must know what to look for.

How did your dog escape from his previous kennel?

Did he manage to open the lock?

Maybe he broke it, or dug the hole underneath it?

Once you have exposed all the possible week spots, you are good to continue your search.

As for our final verdict…

The Winner

After consulting with my several Pitbull-owner friends, I have made my final conclusion.

The best dog crate for Pitbull ( by our choice) is the SmithBuild Heavy Duty Crate.

Why? It has the perfect balance of price and quality. Sure, every crate has its pros and cons and you must look at your own dog and its needs.

Every dog is different and what works for some owners might not work for you.

By listing features from these models I hope that you will find it easier to make the right choice for you.

And remember – the crate isn’t a replacement for a soft and comfortable dog bed!

Why Is Having a Dog Crate a Good Choice?


We people tend to look at dog cages like some sort of prison.

This is wrong, and a crate will actually be your dog’s little personal home.

You can also use a crate as a house training tool, while at the same time preventing destructive behavior or even unwanted pregnancy.

This can be done by finding the good dog kennel.

This is extremely important when choosing a good crate for Pitbull!

While they aren’t aggressive, their type-A personality can lead to broken crates – and furniture as well.

When choosing the best dog crate for Pitbull, you must look for a strong, thick material. It should be heavy and indestructible, or else your dog’s hyperactivity may break it.

Think about all those funny YouTube clips where a dog runs around with his house still attached to its collar.

Well, it’s the same thing as making the wrong choice with a dog’s kennel.