Best Barking Dog Alarm in 2022 (Review & Buyer Guide)

Home security is a big problem for many people. There are many ways to protect your home, although most focus on the moment when someone has already broken in. Most of us want to avoid getting into this situation. This is why most people need another layer of security. One way to do so is to buy yourself the best barking dog alarm there is.

Not everyone can afford to have a real dog, and this alarm is the second best thing for home protection.

What Is a Barking Dog Alarm?


It is an alarm that you place near the entrance of your home. It detects motion through the doors and walls.

Once it senses movement, the alarm will make a barking noise. This will fool the unwanted visitor into thinking a dog is guarding the place.

This is why it’s important to find the best barking dog alarm that can successfully interrupt the burglar’s plan.

Below you can find the list of best barking dog alarms that you can find online.

1. Safety Technology International, ED-50 Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog


  • The device is compact, you can place it almost anywhere
  • It will let you know how close the intruder is
  • Affordable


  • It isn’t wireless and has to be plugged in.

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This product has many features that make it stand out from the crowd. First and foremost, it’s compact, which means that you can place it anywhere in the house.

The size is a problem for many devices, but not this one. The closer someone is to this alarm, the faster it will bark.

This means it’s more reliable than some other similar products. You will know exactly how close someone is, so you won’t panic if someone is detected walking down the street.

This prevents a lot of unnecessary worries and calls to the police department.

However, the device can’t detect motion through metal. This makes it harder to decide where to place it.

Luckily, as we’ve already said finding a place for it isn’t a problem physically.

However, it isn’t wireless. It has a cord and that you have to find where to plug it in. Sadly, this negates some of the big advantages of the product.

At the same time, some customers say that the barking doesn’t sound too realistic, although this probably isn’t a problem.

No one who plans on breaking in will have enough time to check for authenticity.

All in all, if you want a reliable product, this might be the best barking dog alarm you’ll find.


2. Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog


  • Large detection range that isn’t affected by walls
  • Remote control
  • Can record audio


  • Wi-Fi can disrupt it
  • Works best when plugged in


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This compact device has more features than you would expect.

It’s one of the best barking dog alarms out there with several advantages that make it stand out.

It has a large detection radius that can sense motion from up to 20 feet (6 meters) away.

In case this is too far for you – don’t worry, you can adjust the sensitivity so it won’t scare innocent neighbors.

Also, its motion sensor isn’t noticeably affected by the walls.

You can place it inside and it will detect intruders without any trouble.

The product comes with the audio recording option, which is always useful to have just in case.

At the same time, it has a remote control. You will be able to change any settings without having to come close to it and disrupt it.

It isn’t wireless, but it comes with an AC adapter that can work on AA batteries. This way possible power shortage shouldn’t worry you.

The downside is that you will need 8 of them, which is a lot.

Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi signal can interfere with its sensor.

This will cause the barking noise to start, even if there’s no one around. You can fix it by turning it on and off again, but it tends to be irritating.



3. Home Safe EWD-1 Electronic Watchdog


  • Almost all options are adjustable
  • It can work on batteries
  • Comes with a remote control


  • It has to be installed before use

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This alarm is ideal if you want to keep burglars away, as it sounds just like a real dog. It has electronic radar eyes, which enable it to notice movement.

This can be done even through walls, thick doors, and glass. Most obstacles are not a problem for this product.

It has a height of 7 inches and is lightweight, so it can be placed on almost any surface.

You can adjust its sensitivity anywhere between 10 to 20 feet. This way you will know how close to your property an intruder is.

It also has an adjustable volume, which is great as some devices tend to be unrealistically loud.

Another adjustable option is the barking itself. If the sound of a terrifying, angry canine is too much for you, don’t worry.

You can set it to sound like a welcoming bark. This is helpful if you are expecting guests and don’t want to frighten them.

It works on AC power supply, but in case of a power loss it can work on 8 AA batteries. Keep in mind that they are not included with the product.

Also, it comes with remote control, which can turn the system on and off. You can also set off a panic alarm with it if needed.


4. Fenlin Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector


  • Huge variety of settings
  • Wireless
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t sound too realistic

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If you want to find the best barking dog alarm that you can set up fast, this is the device for you.

It doesn’t take almost any effort to install, which is a nuisance many devices have.

Despite many sound options, you can set it up in just a minute and it’s good to go!

It has an adjustable volume control which is great as this device can be loud… Really loud. Thanks to that, it can be heard even from a great distance.

It can produce several different sounds, such as barking, the sound of a dog door opening, and alarm.

If placed outside, it can detect motion up to 1000 feet! This is enabled thanks to its antenna that helps extend the sensor range.

If placed indoors, it covers up to 650 square feet. It’s waterproof, so it can be placed outside as well. This is helped with the fact that it’ works on batteries.

You don’t have to plug it in to work.

You can choose several N Sensors and N Receivers. This can suit up to most of your needs.

It comes with a one-year warranty, so you can always return it if you aren’t satisfied.

And another great thing is its price. This product is among the most affordable ones on the market!

What to Look for in a Barking Dog Alarm


When you’re looking to buy the best barking dog alarm, there are several things you should consider. Not every alarm will do its job.

These alarms are electronic, and sometimes burglars can notice that. Also, electronic devices always can fail, and this will completely ruin their purpose.

If you are sure about the quality of features below, you can be safe knowing you have a good product.


The motion sensor has to be strong enough to detect movement through most obstacles. You will usually place a barking dog alarm inside.

This means that its sensors have to see through walls, doors, and windows. If even the simplest barrier will block it, it’s practically useless.

This is why this feature is the most important one and you should look at it carefully.

Volume Control

The volume is a tricky thing. The device has to be loud enough to scare the burglar away. However, if it’s too loud, it can disturb your neighbors.

Also, too loud devices tend to lose sound quality. This will make the barking sound electronic, which will make burglars realize that there is no real dog inside.


The sensor should notice movement from far away.

Burglars should be worried about a dog before they break-in. If the alarm starts just when the burglar opens the door, they will most likely know it’s just an alarm.

Keep in mind that if the range is too big, it might detect the usual street movement. Know how big your front yard is and how big of protection you need.


Some barking dog alarms tend to be complicated to set up. This shouldn’t turn you away immediately, but you must consider it.

If you have trouble installing it, maybe you’ll miss some important options. This can completely ruin the effectiveness of the device.


Most barking dog alarms use AC power. This makes them more reliable, but harder to place.

At the same time, in case a power outage happens, you will remain unprotected.

Always look for a device that can work on battery power as well. This way, you will have protection at all times.


The last thing you should consider is the cost. You don’t want to settle for the cheapest alarm on the market.

At the same time, don’t pay too much on something that doesn’t work or that you don’t need. Make a balance between cost and effectiveness.



In today’s time and age, everyone has to find a way to stay secure.

Buying a dog is a way to ensure no intruder goes unnoticed, but owning a pet is not for everyone.

Some people don’t spend enough time at home, some don’t have the resources.

Others simply don’t like to live with animals.

Everyone has the right to make that choice.

This is why finding the best barking dog alarm is a great alternative.

The device will scare away any intruders with almost the same effect. At the same time, you don’t have to feed it or take it for a walk.

Depending on your preferences, you should find the dog alarm that works the best for you.

If we look at the list above, our favorite has to be the Fenlin’s Dog Barking Alarm.

It has the best balance between the cost and the worth. All of the necessary alarm features are there, and several flaws can be overlooked.

Of course, what works best for our home might not be the best for your needs. We hope this review helped you make your own decision.