Are Corgis Good with Cats?

Corgis are one of the most beloved pets in the world. However, their stubborn temperament makes many people wonder are corgis good with cats and other pets in the household?

This is an important question, especially if you’re considering adopting or buying one.

Cats and dogs are well-known enemies, at least when it comes to popular culture. However, in many situations, they can coexist in peace and sometimes even create a bond.

If you want to have several pets, you’re probably questioning are corgis good with cats or will chaos ensue.

We’ll explain what it is like having corgis as pets, and can they have a good relationship with other animals.

Are Corgis Good with Cats?


Let’s start by giving a quick answer to the burning question, are corgis good with cats?

If they are properly socialized, corgis can be great with other pets, including cats. People bred them to herd livestock, so they are naturally very friendly with other animals.

They will commonly initialize playtime, and they love spending time with everyone.

Of course, not all dogs are the same, and some corgis can be more defensive towards cats than others. In fact, some might even show signs of aggression if you meet them with an animal they don’t know.

If this is the case, they will bark and try to chase the ‘intruder’ away. This is why early socialization is the key.

If corgis learn that not all animals are threats, they’ll be more open towards having a four-legged companion.

Corgi Temperament ( Are Corgis Good with Cats Actually?)


Before we go deeper, we have to discuss the general temperament of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These dogs are massive bundles of energy packed in a small, tailless bodies.

This even led them to be the well-known pets of Queen Elizabeth herself! ( source)

It seems like all corgis have adopted the royal temperament since they act like they own the place. Despite their size, they have huge personalities and are very self-assured canines.

They are confident and territorial and very stubborn at times. In fact, corgis are known as cute troublemakers that won’t stop until they get exactly what they want.

Corgis are extremely active, and they’ll need a lot of activity to burn out that excess energy. This can make them a nuisance for some calmer pets that prefer to be left alone.

Despite all of this, they will gladly solve any problem you have for them, and they’ll happily do most tasks. Just don’t let them be bored, or they might even become destructive!

Still, with a little guidance, corgis can be lovable and friendly family pets.

Cat Temperament and How Well It Goes with Corgi’s Behavior


We also have to mention how well does cat’s temperament go with corgi’s. Most felines are rather territorial, and they prefer to be left alone.

Corgi’s playful nature might irritate them and cause them to hiss or run away.

In particular, older cats prefer to spend time on their own, and corgis can be too loud and active for them.

Not to mention that corgi’s natural instinct is to chase the cat, and she most likely won’t be too happy!

Cats are somewhat aloof, and they don’t want to spend their time fulfilling the dog’s playful desires. Still, the chances are unlikely that your Fido will actually attack your Oliver.

With kittens, it’s a lot easier. They are very playful and active, so their energy will go along with a corgi’s energetic temperament.

In fact, this is the best time to do your best to form a positive relationship.

If you want to know are corgis good with cats, you should introduce them at the youngest age possible. Keep in mind that any cat will probably be scared of corgis at first, especially if he chases her.

However, if you introduce them properly, they can become excellent friends.

Another problem is that both animals are very territorial, and both want to be ‘The Alpha’ in the house.

Luckily, even the corgi’s stubborn behavior is submissive compared to the cat’s huge personality.

This is why you have better chances of training your corgi and teaching him how to behave.

Are Corgis Easy To Train?


Having in mind corgi’s stubborn personality, many people probably think that corgis are rather difficult to train.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case, and with just a little persistence and time, you can train your corgi really well.

Corgis need a lot of mental stimulation, and you should use this to your advantage. They will love doing tasks for you, so this can be an easy way to teach them obedience.

Here are some tips and tricks if you want to train your corgi the right way:

  • Be patient! Nothing happens overnight, and corgis can get bored easily.
  • Don’t yell at your corgi if he does something wrong, as he won’t understand it.
  • Never hit or beat your dog.
  • Feed them treats for every good thing they do.

If you don’t train your corgi well, it can become overly protective. This can cause them to attack anything and anyone who comes near you or your belongings.

If you plan to have a cat and corgi live together, you need to teach your corgi to behave. Otherwise, the cat just won’t have the patience for such an energetic companion.

Simultaneously, the corgi will be jealous of the cat, and he will see her as a threat.

What if I Have a Cat, But I Want to Get a Corgi as Well?


If you have a cat and want to have a corgi, this can be complicated. It all depends on your cat’s temperament. Either way, you should buy or adopt your new pup while he’s still very young.

This way, you’ll have to deal with only one grumpy adult.

Your corgi will be at its best if you provide him with early socialization with other pets and people. Their instincts can take the best of them if they’ve grown up without ever seeing a cat.

An adult corgi can act frightened or even aggressive toward a new animal. While it isn’t impossible to make two adult pets tolerate each other, this is much easier when the dog is young.

When your corgi is just 8 to 12 weeks old, you should think about introducing him to your adult cat. Keep in mind that you need to ensure your cat is at least somewhat friendly.

Otherwise, your dog might connect her with a negative experience. If this happens, your corgi might never relax around felines.

This is why we’ve mentioned that your cat’s temperament mostly determines this situation. If your cat is known for being aggressive towards newcomers, getting a corgi might not be a good idea.

Because of this, it’s tough to tell with certainty what the outcome will be. Still, if the dog is young, your chances are pretty higher.

What if I Have a Corgi, But I Want to Get a Cat as Well?


This is typically a better option, especially if your cat is still a kitten. Corgis are very territorial, and a new cat might be perceived as a threat. This is due to the corgi’s ancestry as a herding dog.

Any new animal can be considered an enemy, especially if you never took the time to socialize your corgi properly.

Still, this is typically easier with a kitten, as at least you don’t have to deal with a cat’s bad temper.

If your dog has never encountered a cat before, you have to hold him when you first introduce them. Otherwise, he might become aggressive, which will frighten the cat.

If a kitten has an adverse reaction, she can behave unpredictably. Not just that, but such a situation can forever ruin your chances of befriending them.

Even if your corgi has a positive relationship with your cat, he might still be overly jealous. This is because now you’re sharing all the time you had with him with another animal, as well.

Because of this, it’s essential your corgi knows who the pack leader is.

Are Corgis Good with Other Pets?

Now that you know are corgis good with cats, what about other pets? Luckily, cats are the most challenging part when it comes to pet introduction.

If you’ve adequately socialized your dog, you won’t have any issues with other animals. Corgis love company, and having new playmates is like a dream come true for them.

They are especially good with livestock, as this is in their genetics.

In short, if you didn’t have any problems introducing your corgi to your cat, other animals will be much easier.

Early Socialization Is the Key


The best way to ensure your corgi is appropriately socialized is to buy or adopt him as young as possible.

Typically, you won’t be able to change much in your dog’s behavior once he’s older than 16 weeks.

If your corgi is older than this – don’t worry, everything is still possible, but it will take more time.

Before you start with socialization, think about your dog. What history with other animals does he have? To better understand the situation, ask yourself these four questions:

  • Did you raise him around other animals, especially cats?
  • Did you try to socialize him before?
  • If you did, was it successful?
  • Is your corgi’s personality submissive or dominant?

This can help you make a plan that will work for your particular dog. If he has a docile personality, everything will likely go smoothly. Even if he’s more on the aggressive side, you shouldn’t just give up.

Many professional trainers might help you.

How to Properly Introduce Your Corgi to Your Cat?


  • No matter how confident you are in your pets’ behavior, you want to ensure everything happens in a controlled environment.
  • Cats especially can be rather unpredictable, and you can never be sure how your corgi will react.
  • Make sure they are in a confined environment. An x-pen and a tall-pen will work the best. Allow your pets to be close to each other, but still not within a paw length.
  • It might even be good to have your cat walk freely and to keep your dog confined in pen.
  • See how they react to each other. Typically, corgi will try to assert dominance and scare the cat. If you’re lucky, they’ll quickly become bored with each other. If not, repeat everything for a few days.
  • Give them treats, so they have positive memories of the encounter.
  • Once they become calm enough, allow them to touch. Keep them at a paw’s distance, so no accidents can happen.
  • If everything is well, leash your corgi and allow the cat to come nearby. Don’t force them to interact if they don’t feel like this.
  • If both are friendly, set them free, but don’t leave them alone in the room for at least a month.
  • If any of them show any signs of aggression, take a step back.
  • Be patient.

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Bottom Line

Many people want to know are corgis good with cats, and the answer might surprise them. Still, even though corgis, in general, are a friendly breed, each dog is an individual.

If you’ve failed to socialize them at an early age, some problems might occur.

Keep in mind that you should never leave them together unattended until you are 100% certain they are entirely friendly. (source )

This is especially true during playtime or feeding time. Still, if the introduction went well, you will probably witness a friendship of a lifetime.

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