Best Cat Food for Shedding Reviewed in 2022

If you have a cat, especially if it’s a fluffy one, you are familiar with finding cat hair just about everywhere. Could this be sign to look for best cat food for shedding?

All cats shed, but sometime the excessive loss of hair may be the sign of serious health problems. This is why it’s important to keep your cat fed with right food, especially during the spring.


Product Best for: Brand Price
cats with allergies/digestion problems Merrick Buy Now
older cats or cats with IBD/kidney disease Hound and Gatos Buy Now
picky eaters Wellness Core Buy Now

When you are a cat owner, you are used to always having cat hair all over you.

The shed can go all over your clothes, your furniture, and you may even constantly find it in your food!

If a cat loses too much of its hair, this is most likely the sign of some nutritional deficiency.  In that case you could try additional supplements for cats.

For keeping your cat’s fur shiny, you must find the best cat food for shedding.

1. Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Wet Cat Food


  • Great for cats with food sensitivities
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Made from real, deboned-chicken


  • Some cats just won’t eat it
  • Could have just a bit higher protein level

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This brand offers a variety of flavors (duck, turkey, salmon, and chicken) and has all animal-based ingredients.

It means that it is corn, soy, wheat, potato, and gluten-free.

This will provide just the right amount of healthy protein for your fur friend.

At the same time, it is based on a single protein source and easily digestible carbohydrates.

That makes it good for cats who are prone to having allergies or who have digestion problems.

Not only that, it’s created with silky fur in mind.

That is why it has Omega 3 + 6 fatty acids.

And, of course, there are no artificial preservatives and all ingredients are natural and organic.

Another good thing: It has Vitamins E, D3, B12, and A.

It also includes Calcium, all enriched with healthy amino acids and good fats. It is also good for overweight cats, as it doesn’t have too many calories.

2. Hound and Gatos Salmon Formula Grain Free Canned Food


  • Plant protein-free, perfectly made for carnivores
  • Single protein source, which makes it great for cats with allergies or food sensitivities
  • High water content


  • This brand is expensive, and this particulate food is no exception
  • If your cat doesn’t like fish, it most likely won’t like this food
  • It is a bit on the greasier side

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Pet owners know this high-end brand for making good quality products.

Just a quick glance at ingredients will show that this food is no exception.

Its main source of protein is – as its name says -salmon, which is known to be amongst the most high-quality meat.

It has pate texture, which is good if your cat is older as it doesn’t need to be chewed. It’s also good for cats with certain health problems, such as feline IBD or feline kidney disease.

Let’s not forget, high protein levels – joined by high water content– are great for cat’s fur and skin! Also, it is free of carbohydrates or artificial preservatives. It’s good to consider this food in case your cat has certain digestive problems or certain food allergies.

3. I and Love and You Lovingly Simple LID Salmon and Sweet Potato Dry Food


  • Good for all life stages
  • Provides a balanced diet
  • Good for cats with sensitivities


  • No taste variations
  • It is dry food, and some cats don’t like it
  • Strong fish smell

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I decided to try this particulate food as the brand has advertised it as one of the best cat foods for shedding, despite it being dry food.

Another reason why I wanted to include it on the list is that not all cats can eat wet food. The ingredients are great for cats with food sensitivities, and its main source of protein is salmon.

What this food lacks in wetness, it compensates with high-quality ingredients.

This food is grain-free, corn-free, and uses real salmon which makes it easily digestible. If your cat has some gas problems, this food might help her get some relief… And your nose will most likely appreciate that.

Not only that, but it’s filled with probiotics and probiotics.

These are other ingredients that are great if you’d like your pet’s fur to be thick and shiny.

At the same time, the vitamins in this food are good for bones and muscles. Your cat’s immune system will have a lot of benefits from it.

4. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Chicken Turkey and Chicken Liver Pate Canned Food


  • Natural ingredients with variable protein sources
  • Filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which will improve the overall health of your pet
  • Even if your cat is picky, it will most likely love this food


  • Not suitable for cats with certain food allergies
  • Highly palatable texture can cause your cat to overeat

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This food is protein-rich, and its main meat sources come from turkey and chicken.

It also has salmon oil, which means that it has a versatile set of ingredients. It’s grain-free, and as we’ve already said, no corn is always a good thing when it comes to cat food.

It’s filled with omega fatty acids.

That is always great not only for your cat’s hair but also for its immune system.

My cat in particular loves this one. Probably because it has a perfect mixture of flavors which will make even the more picky eaters love it.

Not that mine is one, though. There are no artificial ingredients.

Big amount of antioxidants, taurine, minerals, and vitamins will provide the best health-care that can come from the inside.

It’s good for sterilized cats as well, as its ingredients will give them the special nutrition they lack.

The downside? My cat can’t seem to have enough of this food!

She will eat as long as there is something left on the plate. If your cat has to lose weight or has problems with overeating, be sure to monitor her while she’s eating.

5. Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Chicken and Rice Entree in Gravy Canned Food


  • Full of animal-based protein
  • Cats find it rather tasty
  • Balanced diet


  • It has rice, which may not be healthy for some cats
  • Not suitable for cats with certain allergies or digestive troubles

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Purina is a brand that rarely disappoints. I wasn’t surprised to see it having a product with what seems to be the best cat food for shedding.

This particular wet food is chunky in gravy, which feels more natural than pate texture to most cats. It is filled with antioxidants, omega 6 fatty acids, and, most importantly, healthy protein from animals – chicken, to be precise.

In fact, it has a minimum protein content of 11% (55% on a dry matter basis).

This is great for a cat’s fur. This is another food that my cat loves.

It’s also great if your pet hates fish, as it will most likely love this one.

Apart from being good for fur, it also has numerous benefits for your cat’s immune system.

Recommended Diet for Cats



The cat may lose its fur for many reasons, such as allergies, stress, dry skin, and pregnancy.

It is recommended that you take your cat to the vet, but most of the time the results will be fine.

This happened to me several years ago, when my 6-year-old tabby was shedding so much she was having a small patch of naked skin behind her ears.

I took her to the vet, we did some blood testing, and… Nothing. The veterinarian said she was a perfectly healthy female cat who just happened to lose hair.

So, what was the reason behind the excessive shedding? The answer right now is obvious.


After reading several pet-related research papers, I’ve discovered that the dry food isn’t the best option. Why is that?

When picking the best cat food for shedding, keep this in mind: Cats are carnivores. This means that nothing vegetal, such as gluten and corn, belongs in a cat’s diet. Carnivores need a lot of amino acids, which can only be found from an animal source. In the end, Veterinary Practice confirms that the cat’s hair is made 95% from proteins. 25% to 30% of daily protein intake is being used just for renewing it.

You get the idea just from these numbers, but let’s get deeper.

If your cat doesn’t intake enough protein, its hair will quickly become brittle and the skin will dry out. This can have more serious consequences, as lack of protein can slow the healing process of the wounds. This can also ruin the cat’s immune system and compromise your pet’s entire health.

What Food Should I Avoid?

Despite all of this, a lot of brands prefer using plant-based proteins as they are cheaper. This kind of food can ruin the quality of your cat’s fur. Just like I’d eat more vitamins when I notice my hair is dry, my cat should improve her feeding habits. Using the best cat food for shedding is especially important when her fur is losing too much hair!

According to Feline Nutrition Foundation, most dry cat foods have:

  • Low levels of quality animal protein, as they mostly use vegetal proteins (usually gluten).
  • Poor quality fat
  • Too high carbohydrate amounts that are most commonly the result of corn, which has no business being a part of the carnivore’s diet.

So, I began my search. I started learning more about quality cat food ingredients and which brands I should seek after – but also, which ones I should ignore. In other words, I started buying only food that was high on organic, animal-based protein.

The first step was to toss away anything that had even the smallest signs of corn in it.

Almost immediately I’ve noticed the big improvements, as the bald patches were completely gone in just a couple of weeks.

I kept experimenting with various brands and food types.

After some time, I have finally found the top 5 foods for keeping my cat’s hair nice, shiny, and shed-free.

If your cat has similar problems to mine here are several brands that you should check out, in no particular order.

How Much Shedding Is Too Much Shedding?


A healthy cat should shed very little, except in spring when most animals lose their warm winter fur.

How do you check if your cat has too much hair loss?

The method I most commonly use goes like this: I will gently pluck the fur with my thumb and index finger, and see how much hair has remained between them.

If there are only a few loose hairs, all is good.

However, if you have a clump of hair in your hand, it is a bad sign.

This is when you should consider changing your cat’s diet.

The Final Verdict

While all of these foods have their pros and cons, I have to look at my cat and what is good for her when making the best decision.

She doesn’t have any particular health problems and loves to eat almost everything.

The only thing that I wanted to help her with was with the over-the-top hair loss.

After several weeks of changing food and trying to see what works best for her, I made a choice.

My cat loves it, the price is good and the ingredients are purrfect for your beloved kitty’s fur coat.

Of course, keep in mind that what’s good for my cat, might not be good for yours.

And if your cat still keeps on experiencing terrible shedding, be sure to take her to a vet. This way you can exclude some more serious health problems.