Can Dogs Eat Coleslaw?


Can dogs eat coleslaw?  Many dogs really have a diet by the book. If you have a furry friend, you too have probably fed it with something more or less inappropriate. Dogs should ideally eat lots of proteins and fats with a small number of vegetables and grains. However, this rarely happens in reality as … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Tapioca Often?


Tapioca is a staple food for millions of people living in tropical countries and not only. It is preferred by many in the form of tapioca pudding, a very delicious and filling dish. As with any human treat, you may ask yourself ‘Can dogs eat tapioca?’ Does your furry friend like to beg anytime you … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bagels?


Can dogs eat bagels, many dog owners wonder. They do not like to stick to the same old dog food all the time. Moreover, they want to mix things up! Providing your dog with a variety of healthy food choices can benefit your dog’s diet. You might already have some dog-friendly food in your cupboards … Read more

Is Bone Broth Good for Dogs?


Is bone broth good for dogs, you are probably asking? This question has been asked online more often than ever in the last few years. Bone broth has always been considered a beneficial food for humans. It used to be prescribed to those suffering from a cold. Anyone has tasted it at least once in … Read more

Can Dogs Die From Sadness?

german shepherd inside house.jpeg

Most dog owners will easily claim that no one can love you more than your furry little friend. Tales of loyal dogs such as Hachiko have stormed the media. But can dogs die from sadness, or is this yet another urban legend? We all know how sad dogs can be if their owner or friend … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Plantain or Not?


Here is one of the common questions among dog owners – Can Dogs Eat Plantain or Not? The short answer is YES, but what matters is the way you give this fruit, the amount, what are the benefits of plantain, and how your dog can react if you overdo it with this fruit. Dog owners … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Goldfish Crackers?


Can Dogs Eat Goldfish Crackers and would it do harm to their health? Most of us humans enjoy the delicious flavor of the popular Goldfish crackers that are bite-sized and so perfectly crunchy! The sound of opening a new pack of Goldfish crackers is enough to grab your canine friends’ attention. The smell of these … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Goji Berries?


Can dogs eat goji berries? Since there are plenty of nutritional doggy treats on the market, it is easy to find healthy alternatives for your pup. However, many dog treats that are good for your dog tend to be pricey. One can also never be sure enough about how healthy they are. Therefore the easiest … Read more

How To Get Dog Pee Out Of Rug with Hard Stains?


If you’re having a pup in training, you have probably experienced a few potty accidents. This can sometimes happen even if your dog knows to go outside. Every owner understands that knowing how to get dog pee out of rug is tricky. Still, if you don’t do it the right way, the smell might be … Read more

How To Get A Dog Unstoned?


Finding out that your pooch ate your stash is probably an instant buzz kill. However, what should worry you more is the health of your dog. Knowing how to get a dog unstoned can be crucial in such moments. Don’t worry, even though your pup ate your pot brownie, he’ll probably be okay. Still, marijuana … Read more