Are Rottweilers Dangerous?


Rottweiler is a gorgeous breed that lots of us would love to own. However, many scary legends and theories about these guys hold us back. Are Rottweilers Dangerous? Let’s discuss the issue and find the right answer together. You’ve probably heard countless opinions about the Rottweiler, most of which are not entirely positive, I assume. … Read more

Why Do Rottweilers Growl?


Are you a Rottweiler owner? I grew up with a Rottweiler myself, but if he suddenly starts growling at me during the playtime, shivers flow down my spine. Yes, he’s like my brother, but these massive dogs indeed look scary when they growl. So, why do Rottweilers growl? Owning a growling Rottweiler is a worrying … Read more

Dog Waking Up in Middle of Night


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How Many Times a Day Should a Puppy Poop?


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At What Age Does Rottweiler Become Aggressive?


Rottweilers. They are easy to recognize due to their distinctive features: blocky body, massive head, black coat with tan points. And they can be quite intimidating. People researching this breed often wonder at what age Rottweilers become aggressive. It’s understandable why people ask this question. Yet, part of the answer is that Rottweilers do not necessarily become … Read more