Why Does my Cat Have Dandruff?

“Why does my cat have dandruff?” is a question that almost every cat owner asks him/herself at least once. However, even though it’s a relatively frequent skin condition, you shouldn’t mix dandruff with dander.  What’s dander?  Dander is a completely normal way of shedding the dead skin just like with humans. It isn’t itchy, and …

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Why Does my Cat Drool?

We all know that dogs drool a lot, but maybe you own a cat and wonder why does my cat drool all of a sudden? There are many reasons why your kitty is doing it, and you should find out the most probable ones. This is important because you need to know when it’s the …

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Do Male Cats Eat Kittens?

If you watched some documentaries about lions, you have likely heard that male lions sometimes eat their cubs. This gruesome behavior isn’t something unheard of in the animal world. When it comes to felines, is this something that only happens with lions, or do male cats eat kittens, too? It isn’t a secret that in …

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How Often To Bathe A Cat?

Videos of cute cats getting a bath are all over the internet. However, many owners don’t really understand how often to bathe a cat. They think this is something that needs to be done regularly. While a cat’s skin and coat health is important, is this something that is achieved by bathing? Or are there …

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