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Cats Pooping Outside of the Litter Box (Causes & Solutions)

If you are a cat owner, then you’ve probably had cats pooping outside of the litter box at least once. This problem is frustrating and rather smelly and most cat owners aren’t proud of this feline behavior. So, why are your cats pooping outside of the litter box all of a sudden? The answer could […]

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Why do Cats Hiss (Natural Behavior or Something Else?)

As soon as you start wondering why do cats hiss, you probably start thinking about their way of communication in general. Hissing, purring, meowing, etc. is both cute and funny to humans. Still, if you’re wondering are those the ways that your cat is expressing its feelings, the answer is positive. That’s why it can […]

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Best Dog Toys for German Shepherds in 2021(Review &Buyer Guide)

If you own a German Shepherd, you know how short the life span of most dog toys is. These strong, active dogs will chew through almost anything! Is it even possible to find the best dog toys for German Shepherds? The German Shepherd is a highly energetic breed. Playtime is essential for their well being. […]

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Best Dog Door for Cold Weather in 2020(Review & Buyer Guide)

Wondering what’s the best dog door for cold weather? We got you covered! Opening your doors each time your doggy wants to go in and out of the room/house can be annoying. It is especially tricky if you live in an area with freezing winters, and you’re worried about the temperature inside the house. At […]

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Best Horse Feeds for Weight Gain in 2020(Review & Buyer Guide)

Horses are elegant and graceful animals that have specific dietary needs. They are herbivores, which means their digestive tract is different from ours. They require a high amount of fibers that have to be consumed in small amounts over a while. In other words, they have to eat a lot of really small meals during […]